Top 5 Things You Need to Know About B-172 World Spriggan Unite’ 2B (Beyblade Review)


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B-172 World Spriggan Unite’ 2B (ワールドスプリガンユナイトダッシュ 2B) marks the seventh generation of Spriggan in Beyblade Burst.

The included World Ring boasts both dual-spin capabilities and a burst stopper–as players have come to expect from new Spriggan releases in recent times–alongside the heavy Spriggan Sparking Chip, a brand new Chassis with potential for opposite spin battles, and rare Balance type Driver.

Read on to find out the top five things you need to know about World Spriggan Unite’ 2B!

Product Details

  • Brand: TAKARA-TOMY
  • Product Code: B-172
  • Product Type: Booster (No Launcher Included)
  • System: Sparking Layer System
  • Series: Beyblade Burst Sparking (Superking)
  • Type: Balance
  • Spin Direction: Left & Right

Part Weights

  • World Ring: 10.02 grams
  • Spriggan: 4.09 grams
  • 2B Double Chassis: 46.46 grams
  • Unite’ Driver: 6.10 grams

Where to Buy World Spriggan Unite’ 2B

front of takara-tomy beyblade burst sparking world spriggan box b-172

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1. The World Ring is Top Tier for Opposite Spin Stamina

In opposite spin, World is able to effectively defend against attackers and outspin opponents given the right setup.

The Lack of Strong Left-Spin Stamina Types in Beyblade Burst Sparking

The devastatingly powerful left-spin Rage Ring has dominated the Beyblade Burst attack metagame since release, leaving the left-spin stamina and defense type Rings released in Beyblade Burst Sparking so far–King, Mirage, and Abyss–in its dust.

One of the final releases of Beyblade Burst GT–Master Diabolos Generate–set the gold standard when it comes to defense and stamina hybrids. Nothing in Beyblade Burst Sparking has really came close to eclipsing it in the left-spin department.

In a sense, this has continued with the World Ring.

World’s Gimmicks: Dual-Spin and Burst Stoppers

The World Ring is the first dual-spin ring in Beyblade Burst Sparking. It follows a long line of previous dual-spin Layers, which first began with Legend Spriggan back in 2017.

To change spin directions, simply flip the Ring and re-attach the Sparking Chip on the new top side.

beyblade burst spriggan evolutions: cho-z spriggan lord spriggan and world spriggan
Latest Spriggan Evolutions: Cho-Z Spriggan, Lord Spriggan, and World Spriggan

Like Cho-Z Spriggan and Lord Spriggan, it also features a burst stopper gimmick, but does it in a different way than its predecessors:

The two “heads” in the design of the Ring are spring-loaded. When pushed inwards, a tab on each head is pushed past the inner portion of the attached Chassis, partially blocking the path for the Chassis/Disk tabs to travel through after being dealt a blow which would cause it to skip a tooth.

It’s a clever gimmick, but doesn’t provide anywhere near the same amount of burst resistance as the burst stoppers on the aforementioned Cho-Z Spriggan and Lord Spriggan.

The implementation of the gimmick also puts you at the mercy of your opponent’s hits as well, which is different from Cho-Z Spriggan and Lord Spriggan which both allowed you to effectively be in control of whether the burst stopper was activated.

It’s worth noting as well that the burst stopper’s effectiveness is lowered when using Disks with smaller tabs (like Wheel and Paradox).

The feature may prevent some burst finishes, but it is difficult to measure its overall impact in reality.

World’s High Burst Rate

In my testing versus same-spin opponents, World bursted relatively easily against Rage and even Mirage on combos using things like Wheel 1S. Not a good sign.

However, given the immense importance of opposite spin performance in the modern Beyblade Burst metagame, this isn’t something to be concerned about in most situations given the difficulty of being bursted if you are spinning in the opposite direction of your opponent.

That being said, this does depend on the trends in your local metagame and what ruleset you play under. So, it is worth keeping in mind.

Mixed Same Spin Stamina Performance

Unfortunately, when all else is equal, World also does not have stronger same-spin direction stamina when compared to the Tempest Ring, which has seen heavy use as of late in WBO Beyblade tournaments, such as Justin TC’s Birthday Bash.

Tempest is just too good for same-spin right spin matches currently with its burst resistance and heavier weight (13.04g vs World’s 10.02g).

As for left-spin, World is in fact quite good. But it depends a lot on what combos are being used.

The burst tendency I observed with World makes me feel better in some situations about using Mirage or Master for that purpose when you expect the combos used to be of a similar height, which causes a lot of Layer on Layer contact during the battle.

That being said, the burst resistance issue can be mitigated by using Sparking Chips like Diabolos, as I will discuss in the second thing you need to know about World Spriggan Unite’ 2B below.

When you do this, combos like World Diabolos Hybrid 1S can perform quite well depending on the opponent it is up against, especially against opponents like Master on Xtend+ or Hybrid because they will be positioned lower than World.

Check out this video by Papabey demonstrating World Diabolos Hybrid 1S, as well as the differing results you can experience with World depending on the combo used:

Strong Opposite Spin Stamina Performance

As a result, I feel most comfortable with recommending the use of World in opposite spin combinations. Opposite spin battles are where World sets itself apart from King, Mirage, and Abyss.

It is one of the widest Rings/Layers in the game, is relatively circular, and also heavier than Mirage, its closest competitor in Beyblade Burst Sparking (10.02g vs. 8.39g).

In opposite spin, World is able to effectively defend against attackers and outspin opponents given the right setup.

Your personal results may vary, but for these reasons World has at least earned a spot among the best Beyblade stamina types in the game right now for opposite spin direction battles.

See my recommended combo–World Spriggan Paradox Rise 1S–later on in this article to learn more about how to maximize this strength.

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2. The Dual-Spin Spriggan Sparking Chip is a Solid, Cheaper Alternative to Diabolos

Spriggan has a place in every player’s collection, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be added to every combination without thought.

beyblade burst spriggan sparking chip

Many players in the Beyblade community were disappointed with the decreased odds of pulling the rare Death Diabolos and Abyss Diabolos in B-170 Random Booster Vol. 21.

The heavy Diabolos Sparking Chip quickly became a staple among competitive player’s Beyblade combos as the first left-spin compatible Sparking Chip with a metal core.

But it was out of reach for many players due to the aforementioned decreased odds of pulling it from the Random Booster. Even I didn’t pull one from 10 Random Boosters! After losing in the finals at BE A HIRO to a combo using Diabolos, I pulled the trigger and bought an Abyss Diabolos separately (for way too much money).

Thankfully, the new Spriggan Sparking Chip has solved this problem.

All players now have easy access to a heavy left-spin compatible Sparking Chip as it is included with World Spriggan, which is a regular booster.

In fact, the Spriggan Sparking Chip is actually slightly heavier than Diabolos too! This will vary, but for example my Spriggan is 4.09g and my Diabolos is 4.03g.

For this reason alone, Spriggan is a must-own Sparking Chip for competitive players.

But is there anything else which sets Spriggan apart from other Sparking Chips?

Testing the Stamina of the Spriggan Sparking Chip

A few months ago, I saw this post on Instagram by mirai_beybladers (who I met in Osaka, Japan earlier this year at a WBBA G3 tournament!) comparing the solo-spin stamina of different Sparking Chips (Valkyrie, Lucifer, Diabolos, and Solomon).

It was something I hadn’t had a chance to test myself yet, so it was very interesting to see his results.

I decided to replicate the test to see where the Spriggan Sparking Chip might fit in. Here are the results:

diabolos spriggan lucifer and valkyrie sparking chips

Sparking Chip Stamina Testing Conditions

  1. Burst BeyStadium Standard Type
  2. Long BeyLauncher LR
  3. Beyblades not balance tuned
  4. Test Combo: Tempest Spriggan/Lucifer/Diabolos/Valkyrie Wheel Defense 1S

Sparking Chip Stamina Test Results

  1. Valkyrie: 1:59 / 1:48 / 1:49 – Average: 1:52
  2. Spriggan: 1:34 / 1:54 / 1:46 – Average: 1:45
  3. Lucifer: 1:46 / 1:32 / 1:45 – Average: 1:41
  4. Diabolos: 1:36 / 1:36 / 1:34 – Average: 1:35

Spriggan came in with a respectable second place finish, and the performance of Diabolos left me questioning my use of it on Tempest lately … haha.

It is important to note that the Beyblades were not balance tuned for these tests, it was only three rounds for each one, and perhaps I was inadvertently launching harder or weaker for some rounds.

These casual tests are merely to represent the possible different effects Sparking Chips can have on your combos. At the very least, this should show that Spriggan likely won’t be detrimental to the stamina of whatever combo it is used on.

Also worth mentioning are these opposite spin Sparking Chip tests conducted by mirai_beybladers. They demonstrate that Solomon and Diabolos sit on top of the tier list for opposite spin performance, but Spriggan put up a solid performance in third place effectively tied with Helios in terms of round wins.

I encourage you all to test it out for yourself once you pick up World Spriggan! I’d love to hear what your results are.

Spriggan’s Short Sparking Chip Hook Length and Thickness

Thus far in Beyblade Burst Sparking Takara-Tomy has attempted to differentiate Sparking Chips not only through their weight, but also through a less obvious method: differing chip hook lengths and thicknesses.

spriggan sparking chip close up of hook length

These differences can have marginal effects on the amount of clicks required for a combo to burst with specific Chassis as well as their burst resistance.

The most notable Sparking Chip hook length and thickness changes until now were seen in the Valkyrie and Longinus Sparking Chips. These Sparking Chips were given a slightly shorter chip hook length and a slightly thicker Chip hook thickness in order to slightly increase their burst resistance.

Spriggan has the shortest chip hook length so far–even shorter than Valkyrie and Longinus–with portions cut off on both sides. What does this mean performance wise?

Papabey on Youtube demonstrates this well in this World Spriggan review.

It means that when using Spriggan on some Chassis, it will burst more easily than if another Sparking Chip had been used. For example, World Diabolos with 2S takes four clicks to burst. World Spriggan with 2S takes only three.

spriggan and diabolos sparking chip hook length comparison
Spriggan vs. Diabolos Sparking Chip Hook Lengths

Spriggan also did not receive a thicker chip hook.

With this and also considering the solo spin tests above, for those that are looking carefully, clear differences between the many Sparking Chips begin to emerge.

I believe that Spriggan has a place in every player’s collection, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be added to every combination without thought.

3. The Unite Dash Driver Carries a Unique Combination of Attack, Defense, and Stamina

Although limited, Unite’ does have niche competitive applications, and is an interesting balance type Driver to experiment with.

beyblade burst unite dash driver

The Unite’ Driver carries a unique combination of attack, defense, and stamina not seen in many other Drivers in the game. It has been made much easier to obtain with its inclusion here in World Spriggan.

This is only the second time it has been released to date, with the first release coming in B-151 Random Booster Vol. 17 – 06: Bushin Valkyrie 0 Unite’ Retsu.

The tip of the Driver is coated in rubber with a pointed plastic tip at the centre. With this shape, it can be launched in a number of ways in order to produce different performance and movement patterns.

Launching Straight for Stamina

Although you may need to wear down the rubber a little bit, when launched straight and into the centre of the stadium, its movement should be minimal as it will be spinning on the pointed plastic tip, which provides a decent level of stamina, especially for a Driver with rubber.

The rubber coating the circumference of the tip also provides some level of defense as it can slow you down after being hit or even prevent you from being knocked-out in some situations.

Launching on an Angle for Attack

When launched on an angle, it will act more aggressively and move in a flower-like pattern sweeping into the centre of the stadium.

This is a desirable effect for attack types, but unfortunately the speed and force generated by this is nowhere near the same level as something like Xtreme’, making it difficult to recommend this Driver for combinations expecting attacking stationary stamina or defense types to be a primary strategy.

Launching on a Stadium Floor Incline for Anti-Attack

However, when launched straight but onto an incline of the stadium floor it is possible to have Unite’ begin circling the outer tornado ridge of the Burst BeyStadium Standard Type at a high speed.

This can be useful as a defense/anti-attack strategy in matches against other same-spin attack types using Drivers like Xtreme’ or Quick’.

In the past, I’ve used Perfect Phoenix (Level Chip) Ratchet Unite’ to win a match against a Judgement combo using one of these Drivers. It was able to win through outrunning and even the opposing attack type at the ridge of the stadium. Judgement wasn’t able to land strong blows.

I’m not sure how viable this strategy would be if your local metagame is filled with players using attack type Drivers which are even faster than Unite’ (like a worn down Evolution’), though.

Although limited, Unite’ does have niche competitive applications, and is an interesting balance type Driver to experiment with.

4. The 2B Double Chassis Has Potential for Opposite Spin when Awakened

Especially in formats such as the WBBA’s 5G Battle Format where you need multiple Beyblades and can only use Wheel 1S once, an awakened 2B could be a nice substitute on a secondary opposite spin stamina combo.

Two Modes: Attack & Defense

The 2B (2-Balance) Double Chassis boasts a unique gimmick which allows it to switch between “Defense” mode and “Attack” mode depending on how World is positioned on top of it.

In Defense mode, the ring that surrounds its circumference of 2B will spin freely independent of the inner section of the Double Chassis to dissipate the impact of hits.

In Attack mode, it will stay fixed in place, which increases recoil.

There are two indents on each side of World and two small buttons on 2B; when positioned one way, the buttons on 2B will fit into the indents and allow the outer ring to rotate (Defense Mode). When rotated 180 degrees, the buttons will be compressed by World and prevent the ring from rotating (Attack Mode).

World is the only Ring which has access to both modes of 2B. Mirage is the only other Ring which has the ability to use Defense Mode. All other existing Rings are locked to Attack mode.

You can find a complete list here on the WBO posted by superrobotking.

2B’s Scraping Issues

The weight of 2B (46.46) is on par with other heavy Double Chassis like 2D (46.95g).

It is also one of the widest Double Chassis available, narrower than only 3A.

As a result, it is not recommended to use it with Drivers which use the standard (or shorter like Jolt’ or Xtend+ in the sharp tip mode) height of Drivers. This is because your Beyblade will scrape the stadium floor sooner than it would with a more compact Chassis or Disk.

2B’s Poor Stamina Out of the Box

You especially do not want this because out of the box the opposite spin performance is quite poor. Wheel 1S remains the king in this department.

And in terms of same-spin stamina, it could not even beat 2S in my testing.

“Awakening” the 2B Chassis

While 2B’s same-spin stamina performance cannot be corrected, the opposite spin performance can be to a degree, thankfully.

The interior of the fixed/free-spinning ring surrounding the circumference of 2B is actually lined with “teeth”. If you battle with 2B for long enough, you can wear down these teeth and cause 2B’s ring to spin much more freely. Yuki.CH demonstrates how freely it can spin at the start of this video.

Doing this improves 2B’s opposite spin performance by allowing it to more effectively spin equalize and deflect hits.

It still does not rival Wheel 1S in the spin equalization department, but especially in formats such as the WBBA’s 5G Battle Format where you need multiple Beyblades and can only use Wheel 1S once, an awakened 2B could be a nice substitute on a secondary opposite spin stamina combo.

2B’s Synergy with Tall Drivers

The wideness of 2B naturally lends itself well to taller Drivers.

Although Takara-Tomy has been experimenting with differing Driver heights for some time now with Drivers like Quest or Jolt’, only recently has it shown a more serious interest in making it a more prominent part of the game moving forward.

beyblade burst drivers height comparison jolt dash revolve wave quest
Driver Height Comparison: Jolt’ vs. Revolve vs. Wave vs. Quest

Tall Drivers like Mobius and Wave were both released this summer. Mobius in particular has potential with the 2B Chassis because of this.

Mack the Burst demonstrates this in his “Awakened 2B Chassis World Spriggan Combo” testing video here:

Takara-Tomy’s Renewed Interest in Beyblade Height Variation

Recently, they’ve taken things a step further through the introduction of revamped, taller versions of the classic Blow and Jaggy Drivers: High Blow’ and High Jaggy’ Drivers in B-173 Random Booster Vol. 22.

Check them out at 8:42 in this video:

For those unfamiliar, during the previous generation of Beyblade–Metal Fight Beyblade–height variation was a core feature and competitive consideration when constructing any combo.

This was accomplished via the “Track”, pieces which varied in height and served as the mechanism for both the top Layer-like piece called the “Wheel” and the “Bottom” tip piece to attach to.

Competitive players needed to be familiar not only with Wheel and Bottom matchups, but height matchups as well.

metal fight beyblade 125 w145 and 230 spin tracks
Metal Fight Beyblade Track Height Comparison: 125 vs. W145 vs. 230

When Beyblade Burst launched in 2015, Driver heights were consistent across the board.

Most people didn’t believe this would ever change due to the fact that the burst gimmick of the series is largely activated through Layer-to-Layer contact between Beyblades. Playing with height could minimize this.

But as we’ve seen, the temptation to employ height variation was too powerful to ignore for Takara-Tomy. We’ve slowly seen bursting reduce (although this is due to many factors, not just height) and variation in Driver heights increase.

Many people might look at High Blow’ and High Jaggy’ in B-173 Random Booster Vol. 22 and wonder if or how they will be competitive. Time will tell, but I think it was a smart move for them to release taller versions of generally lower tier Drivers like Blow and Jaggy first here.

Back in 2018 when Shadow αmaterios 0 Xtreme’ was released, Xtreme’ became our introduction to the Dash Driver category, which features tighter springs to increase burst resistance.

This caused a radical shift in the Beyblade Burst metagame, finally making attack types truly viable after a long stretch of stamina/defense hybrid dominance due to Archer Hercules and Hell Salamander.

It was a huge breath of fresh air having an extremely powerful Driver like that released. It’s still arguably the best Dash Driver available.

But in retrospect, that’s sort of a problem because to a degree it then overshadowed the release of many other Dash Drivers like Accel’, Fusion’, αssault’, and Blow’.

These Drivers would generally be considered to be on a lower tier than Xtreme’, but if they had been released first, perhaps there would have been some combinations that made use of them due to their burst resistant properties in comparison to Drivers like the regular Xtreme.

Releasing Xtreme’ first is sort of like if Takara-Tomy had released Bearing first and then Revolve … it would be like OK, maybe Revolve still has some use, but it would have been a lot more useful had it been released before Bearing (which it was, in reality).

With High Blow’ and High Jaggy’, my hope is that they will find some use in the metagame–perhaps with wider parts such as 2B–due to their unique properties before the inevitable High Xtreme’ or other higher tier “High” Drivers are released.

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5. Best World Spriggan Beyblade Combo: World Spriggan Paradox Rise 1S

Paradox and Rise have been criminally underrated since release, at least in the western Beyblade community.

strong beyblade burst stamina combo world spriggan paradox rise 1s parts

For me, the most competitively viable parts from this release are World and Spriggan.

World excels in opposite spin matchups and there are many variations that it can legitimately be used in. The best one I’ve played with so far is World Spriggan Paradox Rise 1S.

Paradox and Rise have been criminally underrated since release, at least in the western Beyblade community.

I observed players in Japan on my recent trip there use the surprising Life After Death performance of Master Diabolos Paradox Rise to their advantage on several occasions.

When paired with World Spriggan, this combo is capable of taking down the likes of Tempest Diabolos Wheel Xtend+ 1S, which dominated both of the recent WBO Beyblade tournaments in Toronto that I participated in (BE A HIRO and Justin TC’s Birthday Bash).

For this combo to work however, it is key for your Rise tip to be worn down to the point where it is more rounded or even approaching flat.

Here are some comparison tests between how this combo performance with a new Rise versus a worn down Rise:

bottom view of strong beyblade burst stamina combo world spriggan paradox rise 1s

Tempest Diabolos Wheel Xtend+ 1S vs. World Spriggan Paradox Rise 1S (New)

  • TDb.Wh.Xt+ 1S: 7 wins
  • WSp.Pd.Rs (New): 4 wins
  • 2 draws
  • Rs (New) Win Percentage: 36%

Tempest Diabolos Wheel Xtend+ 1S vs. World Spriggan Paradox Rise 1S (Worn)

  • TDb.Wh.Xt+ 1S: 2 wins
  • WSp.Pd.Rs (Worn): 9 wins
  • 2 draws
  • Rs (Worn) Win Percentage: 82%

The difference was clear as day.

I’ve seen variants using 2D instead of Paradox 1S, but didn’t find it to perform as well:

bottom view of beyblade burst stamina combo world spriggan rise 2d

Tempest Diabolos Wheel Xtend+ 1S vs. World Spriggan Rise 2D (Worn)

  • TDb.Wh.Xt+ 1S: 3 wins
  • WSp.Rs 2D (Worn): 4 wins
  • 2 draws
  • Rs (Worn) Win Percentage: 57%

It’s worth keeping in mind however that WSp.Rs 2D (67.25g) does have a significant weight advantage over WSp.Pd.Rs 1S (60.13g) and has a higher offensive upside (especially if you choose to use Mobius on 2D).

The Paradox Rise variant however performs quite nicely in opposite spin attack type matches. Rise and Paradox help it to scrape the stadium near the tornado ridge and dissipate the impact of hits. And at times, the flat portion of Rise enables the combo to pull off some impressive “counter” movements by switching to an aggressive movement pattern which circles around the stadium and interrupting the opposing attack type.

Finally, Spriggan works well for this combo, but not in the same spin matchups due to the aforementioned shorter chip hook length. This causes it to burst in three clicks. If you have Diabolos, use it instead as it will afford you four clicks before bursting.

I encourage you all to try out this combo and also experiment with other parts to find what works best for you! A few other things worth trying include the 2D Chassis and Mobius Driver with World Spriggan.

Let me know what your favourite World Spriggan combos are in the comments below.

WSp.Pd.Rs 1S Strengths

  • Extremely strong, top tier opposite spin performance
  • Good defense against opposite spin attack types

WSp.Pd.Rs 1S Weaknesses

  • Poor same spin stamina
  • Poor same spin defense

Should you buy B-172 World Spriggan Unite’ 2B?

With little doubt in my mind, the answer is yes. Each of B-172 World Spriggan Unite’ 2B‘s parts–three of which are brand new to the game–has potential competitive use, making it a good value for all players.

And if you’re lucky like me … you might just pull the rare gold 2B Chassis. 🙂

beyblade burst dsparking 2b rare chassis gold

Parts Summary

World Ring:

World is top tier for opposite spin stamina and has potential for same spin matchups in certain situations.

Spriggan Sparking Chip:

Although technically worse than the rare and expensive Diabolos Sparking Chip, the Spriggan Sparking Chip and its metal core offers players a cheaper and still solid alternative if they’re looking to add some weight to their combos.

Unite’ Driver:

Unite’ is a unique balance type Driver with niche competitive use in same-spin anti-attack matchups.

2B Chassis:

And 2B in its “awakened” state where the ring surrounding it spins much more freely has shown potential as a secondary option for opposite spin matchups just below Wheel 1S.

Final Score: 7.5/10

Where to Buy World Spriggan Unite’ 2B

front of takara-tomy beyblade burst sparking world spriggan box b-172

Heads up: If you buy something through some of the links on this post, you won’t pay any extra, but I’ll get a small commission. This helps me keep things running. Thanks for your support!

Buy on eBay

What do you think of B-172 World Spriggan Unite’ 2B? Comment below!

If you’re thinking of picking up B-172 World Spriggan Unite’ 2B and have any questions, feel free to ask below and I’ll do my best to answer.

And if you’ve already picked it up, I’d love to hear about your thoughts and testing experiences with it. What combinations do you like to use with World, Spriggan, Unite’, and 2B with?

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16 thoughts on “Top 5 Things You Need to Know About B-172 World Spriggan Unite’ 2B (Beyblade Review)

  1. Once again, thanks for the analysis! Your insights are always helpful to me when I’ve tested something and. Need some assurance, or sometimes more insight on what the parts are truly capable of. For me, I’ve started using World on Mb 2B but that is just my combo. Once again, thanks for your analysis, and it was fun to read as well!

    1. Swimming in Beyblades, I love your channel you explain things so clearly in your vids. I have a question for Kei & yourself – what is the best way to awaken 2B? How did each of you do it? Also for awakening Ig’, Rise, Universe, Volcanic, 2B & Mobius how best do you awaken each of them & how much effort & time is needed/did it take both of you?

  2. Sadly, when my World Spriggan arrived, it had the same factory defect that another person on the WBO had: The plastic spike in the middle of the rubber Unite’ was slightly tilted. I haven’t done any testing to determine if this has any meaningful negative impact on the tip’s performance, but it was a big disappointment, considering Unite’ is one of my favorite drivers and this was my first one.

  3. Hello Kei, thanks for the meaningful insight, I have a question about the defensive power of World Spriggan (Other than burst resistance). The burst stoppers that are included with World Spriggan seems to have a large impact on combos using World and reduces the recoil against opponents who are using smash attack against World(not including Rage and Mirage which have gimmicks which make them effective against World). I did not see this in your article so I am wondering if the defence is really good compared to others. Also I have used World Spriggan Bullet 2B (Attack mode and same spin opponents) to great success and was able to defeat quite a few Tempest combinations, however it seems to struggle against World Based Stamina combinations, do you have any ideas how to improve this combination?

  4. Damn, Blader Kei with another insightful article. Good job man!

    My personal testing with World has yielded great results with Combo such as Wsp At 2s, which surprisingly has an 80% winrate versus Tempest Wh Xt+ Combo. Using opposite spin combo such asWsp Mb 2D with awakened mobius also yielded great results against the typical tempest combo. overall, i would agree that World is a solid pick overall.

  5. I definitely think that paradox and rise have been neglected because the western scene seems to be obsessed with LAD and free-spin. Rise is perfect for certain things, and paradox will help against a lower combo such as Death Lucifer.Ev’-A2 1A (or Evolution’-Awakened Stage 2). I’m glad to see the meta is expanding to include more parts. 🙂

  6. I can definitely see the Layer Base for the Bey going far. If you combine it with the Diabolos Chip, the 2B Chassis, and a driver with good life-after-death like say X-tend+, you’ll have yourself a decently competitive combo.

  7. Hi kei, thx for the comment but I think this could be a viable combo, world Spriggan wheel 1s drift, since drift is heavier for mobius, and wheel 1s would also be good with the combo since mobius/drift has high life after death and excellent stamina against beys that are opposite spin and wheel 1s also excels at opposite spin battles, since they both are excellent at opposite spin battles and Spriggan is dual spin I feel like this could work. Leave feedback if u ever see this I guess

  8. Thanks for making the most interesting reviews, Kei! I hope one comes for Lucifer II. I mean, it is a pretty good bey. I judged it too hard on the basis of the weak spring on Drift. I cannot wait to see your take on it.

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for reading.

      I don’t have plans to do a review for Lucifer The End, unfortunately. But I do have a review for something else coming soon. Stay tuned. 🙂

  9. Thank you for doing these giveaways for free. It gives those of us that have few or no beyblades a chance to get some for free. Thanks a lot!-Mickey Faust

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