The Top 3 Best Beyblades to Buy in B-194 Random Booster Vol. 27


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Some players might be disappointed that Beyblade Burst DB B-194 Random Booster Vol. 27 contains no brand new parts to the series throughout each of the seven Beyblades you can potentially pull–a first for the series–but all hope might not be lost! Let us explain.

Competitive players who want to take advantage of every possible available edge and understand everything there is to know about the series and their potential opponents, it’s critical they spend the time to analyze the Beyblades in a release like this.

Even though there are no “brand new” parts, there are still “new” parts. Sometimes for no rhyme or reason, when Takara-Tomy manufactures new variants of existing parts, subtle changes in weight, material, mold, and performance can occur.

As such, while at first glance to the untrained player this release may be an instant pass if they already have all of the parts available in it, there is a chance that there is more than meets the eye.

group of colourful beyblade burst parts

We’ve decided to review the top three Beyblades in B-194 Random Booster Vol. 27 that provide the greatest competitive value for those who may have missed certain parts the first time around or are looking for doubles of a particularly strong part:

  1. B-194 01: Devil Belial Giga Mobius-3
  2. B-194 06: Galaxy Pegasis Legacy Xtreme Dash (with F and V Gears)
  3. B-194 03: Guilty Spriggan Outer Never-2

For each of them, we will provide commentary on the usefulness of their parts and how you can mix-and-match them as well as whether there are any significant differences between their parts and the original releases.

Please do note however that especially in the case of weight comparisons, there is a good chance that these may vary from part-to-part; for example, if we weigh a Disk and it is 32.15g, there’s a chance yours could be plus or minus (usually) a small amount from that due to manufacturing variance. 

Product Details

Additional Notes:

  • All tests conducted in the Burst BeyStadium Standard Type.
  • This article was written in collaboration with WBO user Dan. Thank you, Dan. Intro, outro, editing, photos, and formatting by me (Blader Kei). Testing by Dan. Additional Mobius, Xtreme’, and Vanish testing completed by Dan and Blader Kei together.
  • Finally, if you buy something through some of the links on this post, you won’t pay any extra, but I’ll get a small commission. This helps me keep things running. Thanks for your support!

Where to Buy B-194 Random Booster Vol. 27

seven beyblades with three in the foreground

Heads up: If you buy something through some of the links on this post, you won’t pay any extra, but I’ll get a small commission. This helps me keep things running. Thanks for your support!

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Heads up: If you buy something through Mall of Toys, you won’t pay any extra, but I’ll get a small commission. This helps me keep things running. Thanks for your support!

1. B-194 01: Devil Belial Giga Mobius-3

devil belial giga mobius 3 beyblade burst parts

Devil Belial Giga Mobius-3 is the best stock combo from B-194 Random Booster Vol. 27.

It’s nearly top tier for right-spin stamina when put up against opponents in the opposite spin direction. The Mobius Driver has arguably the best Life After Death in the game (especially when its tip is worn down), allowing you a solid chance of outspinning the best of the best in left-spin. Just add the F Gear attachment to the Devil Blade from B-194 06: Galaxy Pegasis Legacy Xtreme’ (with F and V Gears) in this booster and you’ll have a top tier combination on your hands.

And virtually all of the other parts can be used within other top tier combinations, making this the best value for your money in the booster.

Among each of the parts in this combo, there was just one where we wanted to note a potential significant performance difference compared to earlier releases:

B-194 Mobius Driver Performance Differences

blue mobius driver beyblade burst part

The Mobius Driver tends to be a very fickle one, with varying degrees of vertical looseness and aggression, not even mentioning the level of wear on the tip. The Mobius Driver we were given in this booster appears to be noticeably more loose vertically along its shaft, as well as easily able to free spin.

Your pull may differ and this difference can be found among previous releases of Mobius as well. However you obtain a Mobius like this, these two qualities tend to have a positive impact on the Mobius Driver’s ability to perform well in opposite-spin matches. A good way of checking this is to check for the following:

  • General smoothness of the tip’s free-spin ability. The less friction generated here, the smoother it glides and the longer it lasts in battle.
  • Gently pulling on the tip to assess how much ‘wiggle room’ there is in the shaft. A looser shaft will tend to mean less friction relative to one that is firm or won’t budge.

In terms of performance you get the expected aggression Mobius is known for, but this looser style is more likely to be a bit more erratic, so you’ll need to be careful when launching in same-spin matches to ensure you don’t mistakenly self-destruct.

Despite being more erratic, since it is able to free-spin so easily it is also able to precess slightly more and live for just slightly longer where a stiffer Mobius Driver may not. 

Essentially if you can learn to control this kind of Mobius well, or put yourself in positions where you don’t have to worry about it going out of control, it is about as good as it gets for this Driver for opposite-spin matchups. 

Part Weight Comparisons

Part Name Product Variant Weight
Devil Blade B-00 5.34g
Devil Blade B-194 5.35g
Belial DB Core B-180 6.97g
Belial DB Core B-194 7.03g
Giga Disk B-181 ~32g
Giga Disk B-194 32.66g
Mobius Driver B-169 7.71g
Mobius Driver B-194 7.62g
3 Armor B-185 13.13g
3 Armor B-194 13.23g

2. B-194 06: Galaxy Pegasis Legacy Xtreme Dash (with F and V Gears)

galaxy pegasis legacy xtreme dash beyblade burst parts
Included F and V Gears not pictured.

Galaxy Pegasis Legacy Xtreme Dash (with F and V Gears), while on its own not particularly relevant to the standard Beyblade Burst metagame, comes with a few key components that really give the other two Random Booster pulls here an extra edge. 

In Devil Belial Giga Mobius-3’s case, the F-Gear adds some weight, balance, and low-recoil qualities to the existing combo. F-Gear provides such a boost to Devil Blade’s (and Dynamite Blade’s) performance that you’ll rarely find one without the other. 

Most importantly, it drastically improves Devil Blade’s survivability against Attack types who have a harder time with the heavy, soft cushioning, as well as improving Devil Blade’s opposite-spin matchup spread for many of the same reasons. 

Tacking the F-Gear on to the above combo turns it from a good competitive combo into a great one.

The other key component here is the Xtreme Dash Driver. An absolute staple of legitimate Burst Attack combos everywhere, Xtreme Dash is the fastest and most aggressive Driver for the type and you simply can’t get away with not owning one if you’re an Attack type enthusiast.

This iteration of Xtreme Dash bears a striking resemblance to the previous Metal Xtreme Driver release, and that is because they both have the same rubber composition and patterning, though this Xtreme Dash sports a slightly darker blue hue. 

Putting this Driver onto Guilty Blade, of all parts, makes it so no opposition will have an easy time staying inside the beystadium.

B-194 Xtreme’ Driver Performance Differences

blue and red xtreme dash driver beyblade burst part

Material & Movement Pattern Comparison

Compared to the many other variations of Xtreme Dash, this version feels most like the Metal Xtreme Driver found in B-188 Astral Spriggan Customize Set. What this means is that the rubber is noticeably more firm compared to that of B-00 Shadow Amaterios’ purple Xtreme Dash, or B-173’s Super Satan clear Xtreme Dash.

Along with being harder, the patterning observed with this Xtreme Dash, and Metal Xtreme, is noticeably wider, not quite as fast, has more pronounced flowering, and with less orbits around the beystadium’s Tornado Ridge. 

While the wider movement pattern of the B-194 Xtreme’ is not usually preferred over the other Xtreme Dash patterns found in purple and clear Xtreme Dash Drivers, it does have some advantages. 

Namely, your opponents may be more accustomed to the previous Xtreme Dash patterning so they won’t expect your combo’s wider positioning.

Solo Spin Time Comparison

silver, black, purple, and red beyblade burst xtreme dash drivers
All previously released Xtreme’ Drivers

In the case of Attack-on-Attack combat, you may be able to edge out a win via outspin using this kind of Xtreme Dash over the purple or clear ones. It can spin for slightly longer when all else is equal.

That said, the B-194 Xtreme’ is comparably slightly less firm than the relatively rare red/yellow Xtreme’ that was released through WBBA events. To illustrate the difference in stamina potential, we conducted some solo spin time tests and landed on these rough averages:

Solo Spin Time Tests (Averages)
  • B-173 Xtreme’ (Grey/Clear, Mint): 30 seconds
  • B-173 Clear Xtreme’ (Grey/Clear, Worn): 40 seconds
  • B-00 Xtreme’ (Black/Purple, Worn): 40 seconds
  • B-194 Xtreme’ (Blue/Red, Mint): 43 seconds
  • B-00 Xtreme’ (Red/Yellow, Mint): 53 seconds

These results do depend largely on not only launch strength and being able to stay in the stadium, but also the wear on the tip itself. You can see for instance that a brand new B-173 Xtreme’ spun for 10 seconds less than a worn one.

Depending on your playstyle and the matchup you anticipate, you may appreciate this kind of Xtreme Dash over other versions.

Part Weight Comparisons

Part Name Product Variant Weight
Galaxy Pegasis Layer B-00 ~22g
Galaxy Pegasis Layer B-194 21.82g
Legacy Disk B-193 30.51g
Legacy Disk B-194 30.45g
Xtreme Dash Driver B-173 5.47g
Xtreme Dash Driver B-194 5.51g
F Gear B-185 5.58g
F Gear B-194 5.49g
V Gear B-185 5.61g
V Gear B-194 5.51g

3. B-194 03: Guilty Spriggan Outer Never-2

guilty spriggan outer never 2 beyblade burst parts

Our final pick for the most important combo to look out for in Random Booster Volume 27 is Guilty Spriggan Outer Never-2. While out of the box many of its parts seem haphazardly put together, the Guilty Blade, Spriggan Core, 2 Armor, and Never Driver are all exceptional parts in their own right. 

  • The Guilty Blade is the current definitive Attack Blade for Beyblade Burst. Learn more about it in our Guilty Longinus review.
  • The Spriggan DB Core is a decent filler DB Core that can accommodate both Right and Left spin beys.
  • The 2 Armor is an exceptional Armor perfect for both Guilty combos and Stamina types.
  • The Never Driver is an underrated Stamina Driver that can compete with the likes of Bearing Dash in terms of raw endurance.

These parts make for a fine addition to any collection, but putting the above-mentioned Xtreme Dash Driver on the Guilty Blade makes for a very threatening Attack type combo. Those two parts together, regardless of other components or configurations, is a duo that cannot be ignored.

B-194 2 Armor Performance Differences

While this 2 Armor is painted, there seemed to be no positive effect on its weight compared to an unpainted 2, unfortunately. 

Part Weight Comparisons

Part Name Product Variant Weight
Guilty Blade B-189 17.07g
Guilty Blade B-194 17.1g
Spriggan DB Core B-188 7.85g
Spriggan DB Core B-194 7.8g
Outer Disk B-00 ~22g
Outer Disk B-194 21.85g
Never Driver B-181 7.49g
Never Driver B-194 7.58g
2 Armor B-180 13.67g
2 Armor B-194 13.55g

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Honourable Mentions

B-194 04: Vanish Longinus Nexus Moment-7

vanish longinus nexus moment 7 beyblade burst parts

Our first honourable mention for this Random Booster has to without a doubt go to Vanish Longinus Nexus Moment-7. While the Moment Driver and 7 Armor are not competitively relevant parts, the rest of this Beyblade’s components are. 

  • The Vanish Blade is an incredibly powerful blade that should be in every competitive blader’s collection, as it has a decent shot at winning against any other blade not named Guilty Blade.
  • The Longinus DB Core is a staple Attack and Stamina DB Core thanks to its heavy weight and decent weight distribution. 
  • The Nexus Disc, prior to Ultimate Blade’s release, was more of a niche pick. Now it has a combo it perfectly fits into, being a necessary component rather than a complimentary accessory. Read more about it in our Ultimate Valkyrie Review.

Vanish Blade Performance Differences

red vanish blade beyblade burst part
Weight Comparison

It should be noted that the red Vanish Blades found in Random Booster Vol. 27 tend to be a full gram lighter:

Part Name Product Variant Weight
Vanish Blade B-185 12.84g
Vanish Blade B-194 11.7g

We weren’t the only ones to find this, either. spinstealer on Instagram reported that theirs was around 1 gram lighter as well.

Rubber & Softness Comparison

The red Vanish Blade is also noticeably softer than certain original blue Vanish Blades.

For example, the A2 red Vanish Blade we pulled from this RB is definitely softer than Vanish Blades marked with the A1 code on their underside, which seems to be on the lowest end of the softness spectrum. 

Compared to the A4 Vanish Blade, though, the gap is much closer as the two are nearly indistinguishable in terms of softness, so the red A2 variation found in Vol. 27 is probably not the “definitively” soft Vanish, but a perhaps consistent way of accessing one without hoping to pull an A4. More information from others who have Vanish Blades with differing mold codes on their underside is required to make a more definitive statement on this, however.

vanish blade with a4 mold mark imprinted on its underside
A4 Mold Vanish Blade from B-185

Here is why the softness of your Vanish Blade can actually matter in a real world scenario:

Vanish (Red, A2) Bahamut Over Zone’+Z-0 vs. Guilty Longinus Nexus (S Gear) Xtreme’-2
  • GLN.Nx+S.X’-2: 12 wins (2 OS, 10 KO)
  • VBH.Ov.Zn’+Z-0: 8 wins (8 OS)
  • Vanish Blade (Red) Win Percentage: 40%

Vanish (Blue, A1) Bahamut Over Zone’+Z-0 vs. Guilty Longinus Nexus (S Gear) Xtreme’-2
  • GLN.Nx+S.X’-2: 11 wins (4 OS, 7 KO)
  • VBH.Ov.Zn’+Z-0: 9 wins (9 OS)
  • Vanish Blade (Blue) Win Percentage: 45%

Look at the outspin results. The harder Vanish Blade, Blue A1 was almost twice as likely to be outspun by Guilty Blade through brute force attacks. The softness found in select blue Vanish Blades and to a higher degree in red Vanish Blades makes it so they are slightly more flexible and capable of taking wall hits.

This isn’t to say the Vanish Blade now has a great matchup against Guilty Blade; regardless of softness level/code it is an uphill battle. Reducing the likelihood of Guilty Blade having another potential win condition outside of Knock-Outs is a good thing for Vanish enthusiasts, though. It means that the Guilty user will need to rely more on their primary, more skill-intensive win condition–knock-out–rather than fall back on potentially outspinning Vanish.

Potential things to look out for, if you’re an avid user of Vanish Blade, or intend to maximize your competitive edge are A4-coded Vanish Blades, in either blue or red. Your mileage may vary, but from informal testing the A4 variant seems to be the most likely to remain stable and competent in opposite-spin matchups, which are a very common type of battle in the current DB meta. 

The A1 and A2 variants seem to be less reliable in this sense, and more prone to losing or barely drawing rather than winning. Because of this, you’ll be leaving more up to luck using these two variants.

For a more in-depth comparison of the various Vanish Blade molds, check out our full review of them: Discover The Vanish Blade Mold Variation That Will Give You An Edge In Battle At Beyblade Burst Tournaments

Dynamite Belial Nexus Venture (Perfect Gear) Holy Knight Version

dynamite belial nexus venture perfect gear holy knight version beyblade
F Gear not pictured … forgot about that 🙂

Finally, for all of you Beyblade collectors out there, the main attraction of B-194 Random Booster Vol. 27 might actually be this: when you complete the full set of seven Beyblades from this random booster, it enables you to construct Dynamite Belial Nexus Venture (Perfect Gear) Holy Knight Version! We won’t vouch for its performance, but it certainly looks incredible!

Where to Buy B-194 Random Booster Vol. 27

seven beyblades with three in the foreground

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What is your favourite Beyblade in Random Booster Vol. 27? And why? Comment below!

Whether it’s for performance or aesthetic reasons, let us know in the comments below which Beyblade from B-194 Random Booster Vol. 27 is your favourite!

And have you noticed any other differences in performance with the parts in this random booster that we may have missed? Let us know below if you have.

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5 thoughts on “The Top 3 Best Beyblades to Buy in B-194 Random Booster Vol. 27

  1. I think this is a good random booster to get. I have a few combos to make from it…
    1; vanish [red] Bahamut over drift 0
    2; cyclone belial 2 over atomic’ 6
    3; savior Perseus nexus ( s gear white) Xtreme’ 9
    Spin stealing, defense/ stamina and ultra attack power.

  2. Nice article! I have to say, I’m surprised Dynamite Valkyrie didn’t make the cut, at least as an honorable mention! But nonetheless, your choices make sense and I may get Devil Belial over the aforementioned Valkrie now.

    I’ve seen some comments saying that this is the most competitive-heavy or supportive RB we have gotten. What’s your opinion on that, and do you think that any pull here is (at least) a useful one?

    1. Guess you could say … it Just didn’t make the cut haha. The Just Driver really took it out of the running; even though the rest of the parts are good, it was hard to pick it over Devil Belial Giga Mobius-3’s parts which are basically all good.

      Hm, I’m not sure if that’s true. I always think of Random Booster Vol. 2 as being one of the most useful for competitive players; almost every pull included a top tier Layer (Deathscyther, Odin, Wyvern, Valkyrie), which was so critical back then given how fast Layers’ teeth wore down.

      There is some duds in this booster throughout, but most things do have something of value. If I had to pick one as the least useful it would be B-194 07: Dragoon V2 Tapered Zone Dash (with S and L Gears). Nothing here screams “top tier” even though things like Tapered, Zone’, and the S Gear in particular are usable in some combos.

  3. Nice article as always, Kei! Imma give my honest opinion on this Random Booster. I think its great because it has all the competitive parts that you need in the tournament. The Vanish mold difference is something I need to take note of when I buy a Vanish blade someday. My complain is TT not giving us the Z attachment for Zone’ on this booster. I have a question that seem unrelated on this article. What are your thoughts on MFB vs Burst comparison? These 2 different system should not be compared with but I wanted to ask this for the sake of curiosity. Ever since Superking came out, the strength of SK/DB is able to handle most 4D and other previous MFB beys. How about Synchroms combos against the current strongest DB Burst combos?

    1. Thank you, Noctua! Looks like they fixed things for Vol. 28 and are including the +Z Chip!

      Honestly, that sort of a comparison is not something I’m interested in at all because it doesn’t have any bearing on competitive play. Although, I do believe you when you say that Burst is probably able to stand up to a lot of MFB combos now due to their sheer weight and reduced chance of bursting.

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