How Good is Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9? (B-193 Beyblade Review)


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Coming in at the tail-end of the year is the attack type B-193 Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable Dash-9 at a time when attack types are in need of an upgrade to remain competitive.

As the ninth and “ultimate” version of Valkyrie released throughout Beyblade Burst, it features integration of design accents from each past iteration throughout the design of the Ultimate Blade, Valkyrie 2 DB Core, 9 Armor, and Legacy Disk. This review will focus on evaluating the performance of these all-new parts.

Find out what we thought below!

Product Details

  • Brand: TAKARA-TOMY
  • Product Code: B-193
  • Product Contents:
    • Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable Dash-9.
  • System: Dynamite Battle Layer System
  • Series: Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle

Part Weights

Additional Notes:

Where to Buy B-193 Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9

Ultimate Valkyrie Beyblade' Beyblade sitting beside box

Heads up: If you buy something through some of the links on this post, you won’t pay any extra, but I’ll get a small commission. This helps me keep things running. Thanks for your support!

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Ultimate Blade Review

Ultimate Blade

Ultimate Blade’s References to Past Iterations of Valkyrie

The Ultimate Blade is a one-of-a-kind Blade, aesthetically speaking. If the Guilty Blade represented the future evolution of the Longinus line with increased presence of dragons in its design, the Ultimate Blade represents the past of the Valkyrie line.

Ultimate Blade takes many aspects of previous Valkyrie Beyblades and blends them into one, with colour scheme, accents, and design choices all meant to reference each Valkyrie that came before it, hence the name “Ultimate”.

The references include inspiration from the original Valkyrie by bringing back the iconic clear plastic aesthetic featured on the three primary attack blades. On top of those blades are “air ducts” inspired by Slash Valkyrie, and then in between each of the attack blades it takes inspiration from the “wings” on Winning Valkyrie.

Ultimate Valkyrie graphic depicting what parts of the design were inspired by previous valkyries
Graphic showcasing all of the different pieces of Ultimate Valkyrie that were inspired by the previous eight iterations of Valkyrie in Beyblade Burst.

Finally, as the direct successor to the Savior Blade from B-187 Savior Valkyrie Shot-7, Ultimate’s three huge red rubber blades were inspired by the inclusion of rubber blades on Savior. Although, the rubber is much harder than Savior’s.

Savior was able to breathe some new life into right-spin Attack with its very high explosive power, though it always seemed to lack just a little bit of consistency we were hoping for. It struggled with Vanish Blade, a staple option that simply cannot be ignored. 

Does Ultimate change the narrative for right-spin DB attackers? Let’s find out.

Is the Ultimate Blade better than the Savior Blade for Attack type combos?

Ultimate Blade and Savior Blade

Versus the Vanish Blade

Right off the bat we can say with confidence that the Ultimate Blade makes for a solid alternative to the Savior Blade. We’re leading with the most important matchup for Ultimate Blade, in relation to Savior Blade; Vanish Blade-based Stamina combos.

Ultimate Blade and Vanish Blade
Ultimate Belial 2 Giga (4 Stars) Xtreme’-9  vs. Vanish Bahamut Over (1 Star) Bearing-0
  • UBL2.Gg.X’-9: 9 wins (8 KO, 1 BF)
  • VBH.Ov.Br-0: 11 wins (11 OS)
  • Ultimate Win Percentage: 47%
  • 1 Draw (Double BF)

Up against Vanish Blade it did seem shaky, with Ultimate Blade usually requiring a follow-up hit after initial contact to secure a knock-out. Ultimate Blade does, at times, have the ability to knock out the likes of Vanish Blade in one hit, but this is not a guarantee by any means.

Unfortunately for Ultimate Blade, it lacks a bit of consistency in its performance. In certain matches it can look unstoppable, in others it can look toothless. A bit of deja vu. At this point it seems fair to say this matchup is not Ultimate-favoured.

Benchmark: Savior Belial 2 Giga (4 Stars) Xtreme’-9  vs. Vanish Bahamut Over (1 Star) Bearing-0
  • SBL2.Gg.X’-9: 10 wins (10 KO)
  • VBH.Ov.Br-0: 10 wins (10 OS)
  • Savior Win Percentage: 50%

Here we see that Savior performs much the same, only a fraction of a difference separates the two. Relative to Ultimate, Savior Blade is much more likely to one-hit Vanish Blade into a pocket after initial contact. For this reason, some may prefer Savior in this matchup.

With that said, despite having an edge in raw Smash Attack, Savior doesn’t have an astounding win rate disparity to solidify itself as certainly better in the Vanish Blade matchup. Because of this, it wouldn’t be fair to say Savior is the definitively better choice here.

In some cases, it may actually be more advantageous to not be as explosive as Savior Blade tends to be. Savior Blade is very volatile, and while it can send opponents flying, if they’re flying into a wall Savior Blade has nothing to show for its efforts. Often enough it is unable to follow up with a hit of similar power that is conveniently aimed towards a pocket, so Savior Blade tends to be a gamble.

Conversely, the 1-2 hit style of Ultimate Blade is a bit more conducive to translating decent hits into knockouts. Since Ultimate Blade normally lacks a little bit of oomph to send Vanish Blade directly into the pocket, the ability to still have enough gas in the tank to reposition and follow up with a secondary hit of similar power  is very useful. 

Using the previous example, Ultimate Blade may make Vanish Blade come in contact with a wall, but also be able to commit to knocking it in another direction and into a pocket. At the very least, the possibility is there to a larger degree than it is with Savior Blade.

Versus the Prominence Blade

Seeing as both Savior Blade and Ultimate Blade are quite comparable in what should be their worst matchup, we looked elsewhere for significant differences between the two. First we started with Prominence:

Ultimate Blade and Prominence Blade
Ultimate Belial 2 Giga (4 Stars) Xtreme’-9  vs. Prominence Spriggan Over (2 Stars) High Xtend+’-0
  • UBL2.Gg.X’-9: 7 wins (6 KO, 1 BF)
  • PSp.Ov.HXt+’-0: 2 wins (2 OS)
  • Ultimate Win Percentage: 78%
  • 1 Draw (Double BF)

Benchmark: Savior Belial 2 Giga (4 Stars) Xtreme’-9  vs. Prominence Spriggan Over (2 Stars) High Xtend+’-0
  • SBL2.Gg.X’-9: 8 wins (7 KO, 1 BF)
  • PSp.Ov.HXt+’-0: 2 wins (1 OS, 1 BF)
  • Savior Win Percentage: 80%

While we don’t recommend the use of Spriggan DB Core over a Belial 2 DB Core for Prominence Blade, Spriggan DB Core did not burst so frequently as to invalidate the results shown. Had it bursted too frequently we would not be able to accurately assess its Defensive capabilities against either Blade. 

As it turns out, Prominence Blade’s defensive capability against the two is rather limited. It does have the ability to easily outspin Ultimate Blade with its Armor off (a near guarantee in these matches), but normally Ultimate Blade was capable of knocking out Prominence Blade before losing via outspin.

Similar was true for the Savior Blade, but given the shape and height of Ultimate Blade’s contact points, it just so happens that armorless Prominence Blade has a unique height that tended to render Ultimate Blade particularly useless if it could not follow up with a powerful hit post armor loss. 

Again these two are neck and neck with one another, though it becomes clear that Savior Blade is just a bit more likely to self-Burst after one of its powerful hits, whereas Ultimate Blade trades that extreme level of power for a bit more security Burst-wise.

Versus the Devil Blade

Ultimate Valkyrie 2 Giga (4 Stars) Xtreme’-9  vs. Devil (F Gear) Belial 2 Over (2 Stars) Bearing’-0
  • UVL2.Gg.X’-9: 9 wins (8 KO, 1 BF)
  • DBl2.Ov.Br’-0: 10 wins (8 OS, 1 KO, 1 BF)
  • Ultimate Win Percentage: 45%

In this case we chose to swap Belial 2 DB Core onto the opponent to provide a view of how Ultimate Blade may do against a very prominent and consistent Stamina combo, without putting into question it’s results from a lack of dual BL2 preventing errant Burst Finishes. 

In this matchup not too many Burst Finishes were experienced by deliberately undershooting Ultimate Blade. Ultimate Blade was still able to knock out Devil Blade with regularity despite this choice. If both combos were to use Belial 2 DB Core, it is very possible that Ultimate Blade’s performance improves.

Benchmark: Savior Valkyrie 2 Giga (4 Stars) Xtreme’-9  vs. Devil (F Gear) Belial 2 Over (2 Stars) Bearing’-0
  • SVL2.Gg.X’-9: 3 wins (2 KO, 1 BF)
  • DBl2.Ov.Br’-0: 4 wins (3 BF, 1 OS)
  • Savior Win Percentage: 43%
  • 3 Draws (Double BF)

This matchup was incredibly volatile, with parts flying almost every single match. Savior Blade was also under-launched to prevent any excessive Burst Finishes, but this was nearly unavoidable regardless.

Savior Blade did technically have a worse score, but it was also frequently able to completely break through Belial 2 DB Core’s Burst Stopper, resulting in many draws. It is possible that if both combos were to use Belial 2 DB Core, Savior Blade’s performance would drastically improve.

Many more draws were had since Savior Blade is more prone to Bursting, but with Belial 2 in mind for it, Savior Blade may clinch out some extra wins that Ultimate Blade may not even with Belial 2 DB Core.

In the most technical sense, Ultimate Belial 2 is a safer choice here since it likely will not Burst whereas Savior will likely trade Burst Finishes in the same set up. Even undershooting Savior Blade did not help in the same way that it did for Ultimate Blade when it came to improving likelihood to not Burst.

Is Giga the Best Disc for the Ultimate Blade, and is Belial 2 Necessary?

Giga Disk and Belial 2 DB Core

“When in doubt, use Giga Disk” has been the motto for DB attack types thus far, as the Over Disk is usually reserved, the Karma Disk is a little underweight, and Nexus (S Gear) can feel like hit or miss at times. 

The Ultimate Blade may be the first attack-oriented Blade that does best off of the common tried and true DB Disks. After all the observational tests were done, we decided to experiment with the potential optimization of the Ultimate Blade. 

For this reason, we ended up going with Ultimate Perseus Nx+S Xtreme’-9 as our go-to Ultimate Blade combo. The Ultimate Blade seems to perform quite well with added weight, and isn’t prone to Bursting regardless of DB Cores used. Here is how it did:

Ultimate Perseus Nx+S (4 Stars) Xtreme’-9  vs. Vanish Bahamut Over (1 Star) Bearing-0

  • UπR.Nx.X’-9: 13 wins (12 KO, 1 OS)
  • VBH.Ov.Br-0: 7 wins (6 OS, 1 BF)
  • Ultimate Win Percentage: 65%

In this matchup Ultimate Perseus went from looking particularly weak to actually quite competent in a way we didn’t expect. The Nexus (S Gear) Disk worked wonders for its opposite spin kryptonite.

Compared to Savior, where Nexus (S Gear) Disk doesn’t tend to bring its one-shot potential any further, it was great to have the Disk perfectly complement a Blade. It was also great to not have to need Belial 2 DB Core to prevent Bursting, as the Savior Blade frequently Bursted on other DB Core options, especially if they were worn down.

Ultimate Blade’s previously slower and steadier approach to getting knockouts hasn’t changed drastically, but it gets a bit more added power and weight from below to make single hit knockouts a threat, and second hit knockouts more likely. 

Across these battles the Perseus DB Core tended to only click once per match. With wear it is possible this will extend to two clicks, but in ideal conditions, even with the added power and weight of the rest of the combo, Perseus DB Core is not prone to Burst when used with Ultimate Blade.

Just to make sure that Ultimate with Nexus (S Gear) Disk didn’t suffer in its other matchups we tested against the other previous benchmarks.

Ultimate Perseus Nx+S (4 Stars) Xtreme’-9  vs. Prominence Belial 2 Over (2 Stars) High Xtend+’-0

  • UπR.Nx.X’-9: 12 wins (12 KO)
  • PBl2.Ov.HXt+’-0: 8 wins (5 OS, 3 KO)
  • Ultimate Win Percentage: 60%

Ultimate Perseus Nx+S (4 Stars) Xtreme’-9  vs. Devil (F Gear) Belial 2 Over (2 Stars) Bearing’-0

  • UπR.Nx.X’-9: 11 wins (10 KOs, 1 BF)
  • DBl2.Ov.Br’-0 wins: 8 wins (6 OS, 2 KO)
  • Ultimate Win Percentage: 55%
  • 1 Draw (Double BF)

In both cases Ultimate did fairly well, proving that the switch into Nexus (S Gear) didn’t hinder its ability to knock things out, but in general added some consistency via increased power. The Perseus DB Core was observed to click twice in same-spin matchups here, though Bursting was an anomaly.

The replacement of Giga Disk and Belial 2 DB Core not only seems to be an improvement for Ultimate Blade, but also for one’s deck, since those two components are very sought after. Giga Disk for being a great all-around Disk for any combo, and Belial 2 for being an insurance policy for hyper sensitive Stamina Drivers (as well as Savior Blade). 

Using this combo will mean those two are completely freed up.

It should be noted that this combo, and Nexus (S Gear) Disk in general, has a propensity to stall if not launched just-right, so make sure to have your launching down pat or you will inevitably lose by outspin. Ultimate Blade’s raw power may have been boosted by the Disk, but this does not improve its late-game knock-out potential that much.

How good is the Ultimate Blade on plastic-based Drivers?

After using Ultimate Blade for quite a while, it seems that it is one of the more well-balanced Attack Blades to date, reminiscent of Rage Blade and its ability to abuse the Beyblade Burst Sparking Chassis system to maintain great balance. 

Unlike the Guilty or Savior Blades, Ultimate Blade tends to bring Stamina combos closer to their endurance limit, even on the Xtreme Dash Driver. Because of this, we thought that this could mean the return of relatively safer Attack combos, through the use of parts such as the Zone’+Z Driver or Rise Driver.

Here is how that experimentation went:

Ultimate Spriggan Over (2 Stars) Zone’+Z-9 vs. Vanish Bahamut Over (1 Star) Bearing-0

  • USp.Ov.Zn’+Z-9 wins: 2 wins (1 OS, 1 KO)
  • VBH.Ov.Br-0: 4 wins (4 OS)
  • Ultimate Win Percentage: 33%
  • 4 Draws

Ultimate Spriggan Over (2 Stars) Zone’+Z-9  vs. Devil (F Gear) Over (1 Star) Bearing’-0

  • USp.Ov.Zn’+Z-9 wins: 10 wins (9 KO, 1 BF)
  • DBl2.Ov.Br’-0: 10 wins (6 OS, 3 KO, 1 BF)
  • Ultimate Win Percentage: 50%

After seeing this we decided that perhaps, like Savior Blade, left-spin is Ultimate Blade’s fatal weakness. Unlike many other plastic tipped attack combos, Ultimate was able to knock around the bearing-based Devil Blade F-Gear but couldn’t budge Vanish.

Ultimate Belial 2 Over (2 Stars) Zone’+Z-9 vs. Astral Bahamut Over (1 Star) Bearing-0

  • UBl2.Ov.Zn’+Z-9: 9 wins (9 OS)
  • ASP.Ov.Br-0: 2 wins (2 OS)
  • Ultimate Win Percentage: 45%
  • 9 Draws

Despite winning a fair amount in another left-spin matchup, it was evident that it wasn’t just Vanish Blade’s rubber nature, but being opposite spin as well. On Zone’+Z, Ultimate doesn’t have the traction it needs to secure knockouts on opposite spin opponents, with little exception.

zone dash plus z beyblade burst driver performance tip
Zone’+Z Driver

Astral Blade was also remarkably losing the endurance match as well, both a testament to Ultimate Blade’s decent balance (especially for an Attack oriented Blade), but also Astral Blade’s inability to cope with late-game recoil.

Our final test for Ultimate on Zone’+Z was the Prominence Blade. Prominence Blade, on release, was notoriously bad in the same-spin matchup, but High Xtend+ Dash Driver serves it very well.

Ultimate Spriggan Over (2 Stars) Zone’+Z-9 vs. Prominence (Heavy) Belial 2 Over (1 Star) High Xtend+’-0

  • UBL2.Ov.Zn’+Z-9: 1 win (1 KO)
  • PSP.Ov.HXt+’-0: 9 wins (8 OS, 1 KO)
  • Ultimate Win Percentage: 10%

Unfortunately Ultimate Blade was not able to penetrate Prominence Blade’s defenses on Zone’+Z Driver as it did on Xtreme Dash Driver. Whether Prominence Blade’s armor came off or not, which was no longer a guarantee, Ultimate Blade didn’t have the endurance to outlast it nor the required speed and traction required to knock it out. 

In general, putting Ultimate Blade off of a rubber-based Driver tends to reduce its efficacy as an attack type, even with particularly aggressive ones such as Zone’+Z or Rise Driver. Compared to performances from previous DB attack Blades, though, it is still a Driver choice that has some ability to win.

While the Rise Driver was used, informal testing led us to focus on our Zone’+Z as it has just a bit more success in both spins Life After Death-wise, and is able to grip the stadium’s Tornado Ridge a touch better. It is possible that with a particularly good Rise Driver you can achieve similar or better results.

The Destroy Dash Driver was also informally used, to little success. It seems to lack the required speed to produce knockouts on Ultimate Blade.

Verdict: The Ultimate Blade

Ultimate Blade Side View

The Ultimate Blade is in a bit of an unusual situation. On one hand, compared to Savior Blade it has better balance, is less likely to Burst, and can also be put on plastic tips with some degree of success. On the other hand, Ultimate Blade doesn’t have the same raw strength that Savior Blade has on its own. 

With that said, Ultimate Blade’s best combo tends to outperform Savior Blade in the Vanish Blade matchup and is comparable elsewhere, and for that reason alone it should be considered a worthy purchase and a good choice for your competitive deck.

The Ultimate Blade isn’t a part that revolutionizes Attack, but it is another potential option at your disposal apart from the Guilty Blade and Savior Blade. Neither are truly invalidated by Ultimate Blade, but it joins their ranks as a decent-to-great attack Blade option depending on your setup.

Best Beyblade Burst Ultimate Blade Combo: Ultimate Perseus Nx+S Xtreme’-9

How to build UπR.Nx+S.X’-9

Ultimate Perseus Nexus S Gear Xtreme Dash 9 Beyblade Burst Attack Combo parts

Valkyrie 2 DB Core Review

Valkyrie 2 DB Core

Valkyrie 2 DB Core’s References to Past Iterations of Valkyrie

Similar to the Ultimate Blade, the Valkyrie 2 DB Core’s design features several references to past iterations of Valkyrie. Specifically, the references include:

  1. The design of Valkyrie’s “Face” is based on Victory Valkyrie. It’s the first time since Victory Valkyrie that the design of the face is a profile view rather than a head on view. 
  2. The “cheek” of the face features a mark from Brave Valkyrie.
  3. The centre of the DB Core was designed to reference the Strike God Chip from Strike God Valkyrie

How is Valkyrie 2 DB Core different than the Valkyrie DB Core?

As the name “Valkyrie 2” suggests, it is the second “Valkyrie” DB Core. The Valkyrie DB Core from Savior Valkyrie featured:

  1. An spring-loaded mechanic that cushioned the impact of any incoming blows, increasing burst resistance.
  2. Two relatively thin teeth.
  3. A balanced, symmetrical design featuring a frontal view of Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie 2 DB Core on the other hand is decidedly much simpler:

  1. It features no special gimmicks.
  2. Two relatively thick teeth.
  3. An asymmetrical design featuring a profile view of Valkyrie. 
Valkyrie 2 DB Core teeth

The reason for the asymmetrical design of Valkyrie 2 is due to Takara-Tomy’s obvious desire to integrate it seamlessly with the design features of the Ultimate Blade. As a result, while it is not the first DB Core with an asymmetrical design in the central area, it is the first one with asymmetry built-in to its peripheral design.

It is a little bit disappointing to see that they did not carry over the spring-loaded mechanic of the Valkyrie DB Core considering that this is supposed to be “Ultimate” Valkyrie. And also that they decided against making the middle silver piece modeled after the Strike God Chip metal rather than plastic, which would have been both more accurate to the source material and been the first DB Core to have a fully centralized metal weight.

In any case, the asymmetrical design and thicker teeth ensure that this DB core will perform differently than the Valkyrie DB Core.

But just how different is its performance? And is it actually better? Below, we will test the stamina and burst resistance of the Valkyrie 2 DB Core to find out if these changes produce meaningfully different results:

Does the Valkyrie 2 DB Core have good stamina?

The Valkyrie 2 DB Core is entering Beyblade Burst with stiff competition. The Valkyrie DB Core before it, alongside the Belial 2 DB Core, have the highest same-spin stamina of all DB Cores to date.

In our Prominence Phoenix review, we pitted the Phoenix DB Core up against the Valkyrie DB Core, Belial 2 DB Core, and Perseus DB Core. With the release of Valkyrie 2, we took the opportunity to extend the testing we began in that review to find out where it fits into the Beyblade Burst DB Core top tier list for stamina.

Before we head into the tests, here is a few facts to contextualize what you will learn below based on what was discovered during the Phoenix DB Core stamina testing we previously conducted:

  1. Phoenix lost 100% of the time versus the Valkyrie and Perseus.
  2. Valkyrie beat Perseus 100% of the time.
  3. Belial 2 beat the Valkyrie 60% of the time.

Testing Notes

  • Alternating Launches
  • Disks/Drivers Switched Half-Way
  • Long Beylauncher LR
Valkyrie 2 DB Core and Perseus DB Core
Valkyrie 2 DB Core and Perseus DB Core

Dynamite (F Gear) Valkyrie 2 Giga Revolve-6 vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Perseus Giga Revolve-6

  • D(F)VL2.Gg.R-6: 7 wins (7 OS)
  • D(F)πR.Gg.R-6: 3 wins (3 OS)
  • Valkyrie 2 Win Percentage: 70%

First up was the Perseus DB Core. Unlike the Valkyrie DB Core, the Valkyrie 2 DB Core was unable to achieve a 100% win rate against Perseus. However, it still was significantly more dominant than Perseus.

Valkyrie 2 DB Core and Valkyrie DB Core
Valkyrie 2 DB Core and Valkyrie DB Core

Dynamite (F Gear) Valkyrie 2 Giga Revolve-6 vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Valkyrie Giga Revolve-6

  • D(F)VL2.Gg.R-6: 6 wins (6 OS)
  • D(F)VL.Gg.R-6: 9 wins (9 OS)
  • Valkyrie 2 Win Percentage: 40%
  • 1 Draw

Against the original Valkyrie DB Core, Valkyrie 2 put up a valiant effort. I was surprised by this given how good the original Valkyrie is known to be, how relatively light (.4g~ lighter than Valkyrie) it is in comparison, and how unbalanced the design is.

Valkyrie 2 DB Core and Belial 2 DB Core
Valkyrie 2 DB Core and Belial 2 DB Core

Dynamite (F Gear) Valkyrie 2 Giga Revolve-6 vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Belial 2 Giga Revolve-6

  • D(F)VL2.Gg.R-6: 5 wins (5 OS)
  • D(F)BL2.Gg.R-6: 10 wins (10 OS)
  • Valkyrie 2 Win Percentage: 33.3%

The Belial 2 DB Core had the edge versus the original Valkyrie DB Core in the tests we conducted for our Prominence Phoenix review. The results here reflect this edge once again given the slight edge it had. Valkyrie 2 achieved a 33.3% win rate here versus 40% against Valkyrie.

Dynamite (F Gear) Valkyrie 2 Giga Revolve-6 vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Belial Giga Revolve-6

  • D(F)VL2.Gg.R-6: 8 wins (8 OS)
  • D(F)BL.Gg.R-6: 2 wins (2 OS)
  • Valkyrie 2 Win Percentage: 80%

Finally, we put Valkyrie 2 up against the original Belial DB Core in order to gather further information about where it might actually fall on a DB Core stamina tier list.

The Belial DB Core isn’t know to be a stamina powerhouse, but because it was one of the first DB Cores, is relatively well balanced, and has decent burst resistance in comparison to the Ragnaruk DB Core that was released alongside it, it has sometimes felt like the “generic” DB Core players can use on just about anything. It’s inoffensive, ultimately. Not bad, not great.

In this case though, Valkyrie 2 demonstrated that Belial continues to slowly be outclassed with a convincing 80% win rate.

Considering these results, from a purely stamina-based perspective, the Valkyrie 2 DB Core is at best a third-string right-spin DB Core below the Valkyrie and Belial 2 DB Cores, which retain their crown as the top pieces for this purpose.

However, the burst resistance of the Valkyrie 2 DB Core could also make or break whether you’d ever even want to consider using it to begin with. Find out more about this below:

Does the Valkyrie 2 DB Core have good burst resistance?

Despite the loss of the spring-loaded mechanic from the original Valkyrie DB Core, the Valkyrie 2 DB Core was granted one significant advantage over its original counterpart: thicker teeth.

Burst Resistance Testing on a Stamina Type Combination

The tests below replicate the setup used to check the burst resistance of the Phoenix DB Core conducted in our Prominence Phoenix review. We can use these results to contextualize roughly where the Valkyrie 2 DB Core sits on the more comprehensive DB Core burst resistance testing set that was conducted for that article: 

Astral Valkyrie 2 Over Bearing-10 vs. Savior Ragnaruk Giga Quick’-2
  • SRG.Gg.Qc’-2: 6 wins (3 KO, 3 BF)
  • AVL2.Ov.Br-10: 2 wins (2 OS)
  • Valkyrie 2 Win Percentage: 25%
  • Valkyrie 2 DB Core Clicks To Burst: 3
  • Valkyrie 2 Total Clicks To Be Lost: 24 
  • Valkyrie 2 Total Clicks Lost: 11
  • Valkyrie 2 Clicks Lost Percentage: 45.8%

Looking at the final “Clicks Lost Percentage” alone places Valkyrie 2 in an impressive third place when it comes to burst resistance among the other DB Cores tested in our Prominence Phoenix review.

However, this is misleading for a number of a reasons. As always, the sample size is small and is meant to merely give an impression rather than a definitive assessment of performance.

The story the results above do not tell is that for all three of Savior’s wins by KO, they were inflicted immediately after a single hit at the beginning of the battle.

Additionally, Valkyrie 2 suffered three Burst Finishes; this is more than any other DB Core among the group that was tested for our Prominence Phoenix article. Whenever Valkyrie 2 lost clicks, it was more than 1 at a time. Or in other words, 66.6% or more of its total clicks available were always lost whenever it lost any clicks. This means that if you are not KOed immediately (which lowers the chances of clicks being lost due to fewer hits), the chances of you bursting is very high if any strong hits are inflicted in this matchup.

Burst Resistance Testing on Attack Type Combinations

The previous results were centred around the burst resistance of Valkyrie 2 on stamina type combinations, which generally are forced to use Drivers with lower burst resistance.

Valkyrie 2’s thick teeth however were designed to be used with attack types. To find out if it can find some use where it was intended to, we compared its performance against the Perseus DB Core and Ragnaruk DB Core on Savior Giga Xtreme’-9.

The Savior Blade is infamous for it’s somewhat difficult to mitigate self-bursting issues, so if Valkyrie 2 can help to prevent this it should be a good indicator that it is a solid option for attack types.

Benchmark: Savior Ragnaruk Giga Xtreme’-9 vs. Astral Belial 2 Over High Xtend+’-0
  • 10 Rounds
  • Ragnaruk DB Core Clicks To Burst: 7
  • Ragnaruk Total Clicks To Be Lost: 70
  • Ragnaruk Total Clicks Lost: 46
  • Ragnaruk Clicks Lost Percentage: 66%

Benchmark: Savior Perseus Giga Xtreme’-9 vs. Astral Belial 2 Over High Xtend+’-0
  • 10 Rounds
  • Perseus DB Core Clicks To Burst: 4
  • Perseus Total Clicks To Be Lost: 40
  • Perseus Total Clicks Lost: 13
  • Perseus Clicks Lost Percentage: 32.5%

Savior Valkyrie 2 Giga Xtreme’-9 vs. Astral Belial 2 Over High Xtend+’-0
  • 10 Rounds
  • Valkyrie 2 DB Core Clicks To Burst: 3
  • Valkyrie 2 Total Clicks To Be Lost: 30
  • Valkyrie 2 Total Clicks Lost: 8
  • Valkyrie 2 Clicks Lost Percentage: 27%

The Valkyrie 2 DB Core demonstrated a marked improvement over its 45.8% clicks lost percentage during our testing of it on a stamina combination. This leaves little doubt that alongside the Belial 2 DB Core, it is one of the strongest contenders for right-spin attack types considering which DB Core they should use.

However, it should also be noted that using the Valkyrie 2 DB Core with high burst resistance Drivers will exacerbate wear issues. Less than 30 rounds of testing were conducted while producing the above results for Valkyrie 2 and we already began to observe the beginnings of teeth wearing at the inner edges.

For this reason, while Valkyrie 2 is an excellent DB Core option for attack types, it is possible its efficacy could dwindle with extended use.

Verdict: The Valkyrie 2 DB Core

Valkyrie 2 DB Core

The Valkyrie 2 DB Core is best for attack types.

It’s beautiful aesthetically and its integration with the design of the Ultimate Blade is impressive.

But its performance depends entirely on what type of combination you use it on. It is purely average when compared to other available options for stamina, and its burst resistance and defense on stamina combinations can be a liability. But Valkyrie 2’s thick teeth are perfectly suited to attack types using high burst resistance Drivers.

Despite having decent stamina, to try and force Valkyrie 2 to fit into stamina combinations is actually to misunderstand its purpose. 

The teeth and unbalanced design make it ultimately a DB Core that should be exclusively considered for usage with attack types. It’s a welcome addition to the DB Core family in this respect given the lack of any right-spin DB Cores truly designed for attack types up until this point.

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9 Armor Review

9 Armor

The 9 Armor continues the trend of a slightly unbalanced design seen in the Valkyrie 2 DB Core by featuring two different designs on the top of its tabs which show through on the top of the Blade when assembled with a DB Core. A first for any Armor to date.

When paired with the Ultimate Blade, it smartly integrates with its design by extending the wings of Ultimate along the top and then extending the face with a “V”-like design on the bottom tab.

The imbalance is extended to the bottom of the 9 Armor as well with one side being more indented than the other. When paired with the Ultimate Blade, the heavier side is positioned on the top left of the Layer, helping to create a balance with the bottom right which is slightly heavier thanks to a heavier/larger golden portion of Valkyrie’s “wings”.

9 Armor top view
Note the differing designs on top of the tabs.

Up until this point, the community in general has tended to not put much thought into the potential performance differences between different Armors. The differences in design between them are minute and the effects are not obvious, but they do exist.

As such, we took this opportunity with the release of the 9 Armor to finally conduct some preliminary testing to determine specifically which Armor has the best stamina and where the 9 Armor sits among its contemporaries.

Does the 9 Armor have good stamina?

Weighing in at roughly 13.93g, the 9 Armor is heavier or just as heavy as the 0 Armor, making it one of the heaviest Armors available. Being heavier doesn’t always guarantee stronger performance, though as we will see with the first test below:

9 Armor vs. 3 Armor

Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-9 vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-3
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-9: 0 wins
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-3: 5 wins (5 OS)
  • 9 Armor Win Percentage: 0%

The 3 Armor weighs in at roughly 13.25g, making it one of the lightest available Armors alongside the 6 Armor and 7 Armor. Despite this, likely thanks to its balanced design it was able to secure a five round sweep of the 9 Armor here en route to a 100% win rate.

9 Armor vs. 7 Armor

Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-9  vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-7
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-9: 4 wins (4 OS)
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-7: 1 wins (1 OS)
  • 9 Armor Win Percentage: 80%
  • 1 Draw

The stamina of the 7 Armor has always been in doubt for me upon looking at how aggressively it was designed. This test confirmed that.

9 Armor vs. 6 Armor

Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-9 vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-6
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-9: 4 wins (4 OS)
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-6: 1 wins (1 OS)
  • 9 Armor Win Percentage: 80%

This result was surprising because while the 6 Armor’s design isn’t perfectly circular, it places a lot of its weight externally around its six points. Typically, weight placement around the perimeter of a piece increases stamina … but not here. This might be a case where the weight of the 9 Armor was actually an advantage.

9 Armor vs. 10 Armor

Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-9 vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-10
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-9: 4 wins (4 OS)
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-10: 1 wins (1 OS)
  • 9 Armor Win Percentage: 80%

9 Armor vs. 2 Armor

Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-9 vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-2
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-9: 3 wins (3 OS)
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-2: 2 wins (2 OS)
  • 9 Armor Win Percentage: 60%
  • 1 Draw

These tests have progressed from the lightest Armors to the heaviest. The 2 Armor weighs in at roughly 13.66g, good enough for second or third place on the list of heaviest Armors.

And in this result we can see that–the 3 Armor being the exception–the 9 Armor finally met its match. While it took this match by a score of 3-2, the sample size is small and it seems fair to say that they are probably equal.  

9 Armor vs. 0 Armor

Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-9 vs. Dynamite (F Gear) Ragnaruk Giga Revolve-0
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-9: 3 wins (3 OS)
  • D(F)RG.Gg.R-0: 2 wins (2 OS)
  • 9 Armor Win Percentage: 60%

Finally, the 0 Armor which is now roughly tied with the 9 Armor as the heaviest available Armor. The result was the exact same as the one versus the 2 Armor. They seem equal.

Verdict: The 9 Armor

The 9 Armor is another great armor for Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle combos, but it’s best suited for attack types.

While the 3 Armor was clearly superior, thanks to its weight which equals or exceeds the 0 Armor and strong stamina, the 9 Armor demonstrated itself to be one of the best Armors for Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle Combos.

The 9 Armor does however have some concerning imbalance built into its design–the effects of which, if any, might reveal themselves through more in-depth testing–so given this and the many other available competitive options such as the 3 Armor, 0 Armor, or 2 Armor, we would recommend considering the usage of 9 for attack type combos above anything else so that you can save the more balanced designs of the aforementioned combos for pure stamina combos.

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Legacy Disk Review

Legacy Disk

Is The Legacy Disk Good For Attack Type Combos?

Similar to the Karma Disk, Legacy Disk looks like it is a part that can be used as a secondary contact point, apart from a Blade. Two of its six wings or edges feature a Z-like design as an aesthetic reference to Cho-Z Valkyrie and the overall design is reminiscent of Victory Valkyrie‘s Boost Disk.

In practice though, these six edges tend to provide little additional value since they do not stick out far enough, nor is there enough space between them to have them make contact individually. The design is mostly for show. 

Despite that, it is a relatively low-hanging disk with a respectable weight, so there may be potential for it. The easiest way to determine that was to put it up against the definitive 4th-best Disk available, and go from there.

Legacy Disk and Karma Disk
Legacy Disk and Karma Disk

World Spriggan Legacy (1 Star) Mobius 1S (Left) vs. World Spriggan Karma (4 Star) Mobius 1S (Left)

  • WSp.Lg.Mb 1S: 7 wins (7 OS)
  • WSp.Kr.Mb 1S: 11 wins (11 OS)
  • Lg Win Percentage: 39% 
  • 2 Draws
  • Alternated launch, switched parts half-way

This matchup definitely seemed close, with Karma squeaking out wins because Legacy seemed to fumble right at the end. We found this fumbling to be very odd since it was otherwise doing fairly well throughout the course of the match. 

As a result, we switched spin directions to see if the reason for this fumbling’s root cause was in aerodynamics. Legacy Disk’s design should face less resistance in right spin as the air around it should more easily flow up its ramps. In left spin, where the end of its ramps serve as a hurdle to freer flowing air, it is conceivable that it would fizzle out sooner.

World Spriggan Legacy (1 Star) Mobius 1S (Right) vs. World Spriggan Karma (4 Star) Mobius 1S (Right)

  • WSp.Lg.Mb 1S: 5 wins (5 OS)
  • WSp.Kr.Mb 1S: 13 wins (13 OS)
  • Lg Win Percentage: 28% 
  • 2 Draws
  • Alternated launch, switched parts half-way

As it turns out, that root-cause hypothesis is incorrect. Regardless of direction, all things equal, Legacy Disk tends to sputter out at the last second, sooner than Karma Disk. We can speculate as to why, but the likely answer is that its design and weight distribution are not conducive to a long spin-time or LAD.

World Spriggan Legacy (1 Star) Mobius 1S (Left) vs. World Spriggan Karma (4 Star) Mobius 1S (Right)

  • WSp.Lg.Mb 1S: 5 wins (5 OS)
  • WSp.Kr.Mb 1S: 11 wins (11 OS)
  • Lg Win Percentage: 31%
  • 4  Draws
  • Alternated launch, switched parts half-way

It is possible that with a 2 Star Legacy Disk some of this is mitigated, but considering the Karma Disk is already a definitive fourth choice, Legacy Disk takes the throne of least likely to be used.

Legacy Disk becomes very difficult to recommend. Technically, it does have a slight weight advantage over Karma and it can be used for Attack combos with success, but it doesn’t provide enough of a positive impact to be recommended over other very common options, like Giga. 

Verdict: The Legacy Disk

Legacy Disk

The Legacy Disk isn’t great, and we don’t recommend it over any other previous release.

Because it fails to provide the same stamina ability as Karma Disk, there is zero reason to use Legacy Disk for legitimate Stamina combos when so many other better quality options exist. It may find a home in attack combos, but it is not a necessary addition there either when Giga exists.

For these reasons we do not recommend the use of the Legacy Disk at this time over other Stamina Disk options. 

It isn’t a part you should go out of your way for, though in a very technical sense it may be preferred over only the Karma Disk in Attack combos. Apart from replacing the Karma Disk for your Attack type in a Deck, there is little reason to use the Legacy Disk.

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And if you’ve already picked it up, I’d love to hear about your thoughts and testing experiences with it!

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20 thoughts on “How Good is Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9? (B-193 Beyblade Review)

  1. Hey Kei, Ultimate Valkryie based on your testings and others is very disappointing. I was testing the other day against Dynamite-F Belial2 Over Bearing’-0 and it’s invincible. It doesn’t burst, won’t get outspun in same spin, ties in opposite spin, and won’t get KO’d. I haven’t awakened my savior so that’s probably the next thing I should do but I was really hoping that ultimate would be able to pull of KO’s against dynamite-f gear as guilty does against vanish. Are there any other ways besides KO’s to beat the dynamite-f bearing combo that everyone’s using? I’m purchasing bloody Longinus for the jolt driver, would you say using something like Ultimate Perseus Giga Jolt-9 would be a nice attacker to take out dynamite combos? I know nexus+s is better but it just scrapes to much for me and it would even more on a lower driver like jolt’. Anyways, great article Kei it’s amazing how much detail you put into everything!

    1. Belial 2 and Bearing’ have certainly made things more difficult with that combo … Guilty previously was able to burst it pretty consistently in the tests we did for our Guilty Longinus review. I think right now you probably do have to accept that you need to do everything possible to optimize the Ultimate Blade if you want to KO it; that means using Disks like Nexus+S. I’ve always wanted to like Jolt, but it just doesn’t hit the same or have the same controllability as Xtreme’.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Guilty just has so much attack power. What would you recommend for a defensive counter for Guilty, Kai? Love the article.

        1. Thanks Paul! You’re right. Guilty is difficult to overcome if the user is skilled. In those situations, the best ‘defense’ is often offense. This could mean using another attack combo that has slightly better LAD so that you can win the match by OS if neither of you are KOed.

          Or, it can mean using an opposite spin stamina combo that can move around the stadium a lot depending on how you launch it. This way, you can change up your launch strategy to launch weakly and go to the center of the stadium or hard launch to try and intercept or disrupt your opponent’s attack pattern depending on how you think your opponent will launch.

  2. I wonder why High Xtend+’/Bearing’ was not use on Ultimate for same-spin potential against Dynamite(F gear)/Prominence? My impression on Ultimate against Vanish and Prominence on this article’s results and other videos has done much better than Savior couldn’t do in my opinion. In terms of attack power and spin equalization potential for right spin, Ultimate has surpassed Savior. I’m looking forward for competitive bladers on how will they utilize Ultimate blade on the tournament. Anyways, great article as always Kei!

      1. Variable’ is a cool Driver, but I don’t find it to be competitive anymore and it sort of never has been. Years ago I enjoyed using Valtryek Knuckle Variable and during GT I gave it a chance on Judgement in an effort to build a more controllable attacker, but in both cases it just couldn’t compare to other available options like Xtreme’ for Judgement. It’s just not fast enough for my taste.

    1. Thanks Noctua! Using Ultimate for stamina combinations is something we didn’t try out, you’re right. It’s hard to imagine it being better than the Dynamite Blade, but I’d love to hear more from others who have tried Ultimate in stamina combos.

  3. So you said Ultimate is more burst resistant than Savior so you can safely use Perseus and Valkyrie2 on it, and you said anything other than Belial2 will usually cause a self burst for Savior. My question is can you put Valkyrie2 on Savior and have a solid chance of not self bursting?

    1. We actually tested Savior with Valkyrie 2 in this review and the results would seem to suggest that it does have a better chance of not self-bursting. If I was using Savior these days and didn’t have Belial 2 available, Valkyrie 2 would be my next choice.

  4. Thanks for this review Kei! I’ve always been confused about how different cores can make such a difference in stamina. If you could explain, that would be great! But anyways, this review was awesome! I was supposed to get my Ultimate Valkyrie yesterday, but good ol’ USPS delivery is taking forever! Ever since we received news of Ultimate Valkyrie, I thought it was going to be insane! But with this review, i’ve seen its not going to absolutely destroy the meta, as I was a bit afraid of that. Welp, thanks for the review!

    1. Unfortunately, I can’t explain it to you in a particularly scientific way, but … it probably comes down to the weight of the DB Cores in combination with where that weight is placed on the DB Core. If it’s more evenly placed around the DB Core, it’ll probably have a better chance of having good stamina as that should result in better balance.

      At the end of the day though, the differences can be minute and are also heavily influenced by other parts in each combo, manufacturing variances, as well as launch strength. This sort of stuff only matters if you are hyper-competitive and really trying to optimize your combos down to the finest detail. But that’s what can be the difference between winning and losing in a tournament.

      1. okay, thanks for the reply and explanation! That makes sense about the weight distribution and stuff, i always thought it was the teeth or something lol

  5. Thank for the analysis Kei. You are my go to when it comes to analysis. I hope you can also have a youtube channel with analysis.

  6. Amazing article, Kei! I’ve been looking into some combos to run for the Ultimate Blade, and I noticed you said that rubber based drivers seem to be the top choice for this blade. That being said, a combo I wanted to try was Ultimate Valkyrie/Belial II. -3. Over/Giga. Xceed’ +Z/+X. Some parts being interchanged, but overall very similar ideas. What’s your opinion on such a combo? I feel it would have enough power from the driver but the added weight and LAD from the X or Z chip to help it in the late game stamina area. Could be wrong entirely, I’m not the expert, which is why I thought to ask, if you’d recommend any changes to the parts. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Frosty, thanks for reading! Xceed’ is a really interesting Driver, but I think it is somewhat niche. Xtreme’ continues to be the best performer in my testing without fail. It’s unmatched in terms of its mix of speed, movement pattern, and controllability and there is no substitute for its versatility in my eyes (especially for the standard format). Xceed’+Z/+X would be interesting in an attack vs. attack match-up, but the chances of you running into that situation in a tournament is low, which is why I say it is more niche.

  7. I was thinking of an attack combo that would be good, and I thought of Savior Perseus Giga Venture- 9 (V gear), I wondered if you could confirm if the combo is good and also if I should change any parts, I don’t actually have the parts for the bey, I was just wondering if it is a good combo, so that I can get the parts for it. I kinda hope I don’t have to change the parts cause I like a Beyblade that has the parts match the color scheme.

    Also nice Review 😀

    1. Xtreme’ really is a requirement for Savior in my opinion, so I would have to say you swap out Venture for that.

      Thanks for reading!

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