Dominate Your Local Tournaments: Discover the Top 5 Best Beyblade Burst Combos Ever (Hand-Picked by Tournament-Winning Experts Worldwide)


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In Beyblade, preparation is arguably just as important as execution. Part of preparation is selecting the best Beyblade combos possible that will give you the best chance to win.

This article will help increase your chances of success in your local tournament scene by presenting the strengths, weaknesses, and how to build the top five best Beyblade Burst combos ever for the Burst BeyStadium Standard Type. Each was hand-picked by tournament-winning experts worldwide.

Previously, we presented the best Beyblade Burst combos of 2020 and the best Beyblade Burst combos of 2021, but this time around the list has the privilege of working with complete part information. The next generation, Beyblade X, has launched and brought with it a whole new set of best Beyblade X combos. With Beyblade Burst having now seen its final release by Takara-Tomy it is very unlikely this list and these parts will ever become obsolete.

Essentially, expect this list to be closer to a definitive top 5 as Beyblade Burst has no more new parts coming from Takara-Tomy to shake things up. None of these combos will ever be without a place in the format.

That being said, although Takara-Tomy may not be releasing any new parts for the Beyblade Burst series, the community will continue to experiment and dive deeper into the nuances of the available part pool over time. As a result, the placement and priority of these combos and their parts may shift over time. 

For those of you who had a hard time keeping up competitively due to the constant stream of releases while the series was ongoing, now is a great time to dive in! And the list in this article will act as a great starting point.

Additional Notes:

  • This article was written in collaboration with WBO user Dan. Thank you, Dan.
  • Finally, if you buy something through some of the links on this post, you won’t pay any extra, but I’ll get a small commission. This helps me keep things running. Thanks for your support!

How were the best Beyblade Burst combos selected?

The most important question you may be asking yourself is: how exactly did we decide what ended up on this list and what didn’t make the cut?

Similar to past years, the process was as follows:

  1. Interviewing top WBO Players and Organizers from across the globe
  2. Researching WBO winning Beyblade combos data from the past year
  3. Keeping our scope within WBO’s Match Types & WBBA’s 5G in the Burst BeyStadium Standard Type
  4. Blader Kei & Dan’s own opinions

Who did we pick to represent the Beyblade community worldwide?

In previous years we thought it best to focus on WBO’s own internal rankings. This time, heavily influenced by a year of experimentation with other styles of play, we decided to focus less on ranked organized events but more on geographic location to see how locale may change a Blader’s perspective or perception of the game and what is “good”. 

Our follow-up article detailing the breakdown of each Blader’s pick will highlight in all the ways we may be different or surprisingly the same.

Here are the representatives we picked for input on 2022-2023’s Top 5 Best Beyblade Burst Combos, as well as ourselves (Blader Kei and Dan):

Players who were surveyed

  1. Australiath!nk
  2. Canadaoriginalzankye
  3. SingaporeBeyblader101_
  4. United StatesCrisisCrusher07
  5. Japan/CanadaBlader Kei
  6. CanadaDan

Each of these representatives were asked the following questions, with their responses being a core part of the decision-making process:

Questions asked to players

  1. In your opinion, what would you say the top five most powerful competitive combos for Beyblade Burst in the Burst BeyStadium Standard Type are? This can be in terms of overall performance and/or meta defining role.
  2. If you had to pick a single combo you think was really slept on (underutilized, under-appreciated, or simply ignored), what would it be?
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The Top 5 Best Beyblade Burst Combos Ever

Discover the top five best Beyblade Burst Combos ever below! I detail their parts, strengths, weaknesses, and what you need to build them.

If you’re looking for a quick overview of the list and some test battles between the combos, look no further than this video I collaborated with the BeybladeGeeks on!

Best Beyblade Burst Combo #5: Astral Spriggan 2 Over Mobius-0

If you’re in the opposite spin direction of your opponent, there is arguably nothing this combo doesn’t have a chance to win or tie against.

The Parts

  • Blade: Astral
  • DB Core: Spriggan 2
  • DB Disk: Over (2 Stars)
  • Driver: Mobius (From RB27 DvBL.Gg.Mb-3)
  • Armor: 0

What are Astral Spriggan 2 Over Mobius-0’s strengths and weaknesses?

Astral Spriggan 2 Over Mobius-0 is meant to be an opposite spin specialist, meaning that it does best against opposing Beyblades that are spinning in the opposite direction to it. 

Much of this specialty comes from the innate properties of the Mobius Driver. Despite its age the Mobius Driver is among the absolute best Drivers in terms of endurance in opposite-spin matchups. It is a tall Driver with a mostly flat free-spinning base that rarely if ever tips over, with its last release from Random Booster Vol. 27 being particularly free-spinning.

Combined with the dual-spinning Astral Blade and Spriggan 2 DB Core you have a combo that is, potentially, always able to spin in the opposite direction of its opponent. On top of this, the Astral Blade is another part that despite its age can hold up in the current meta in its own right.

The Over Disk is chosen over the conventional Nexus (S Gear) because it tends to have an “x-factor” in opposite-spin matchups and has been known to increase the same-spin stamina and minutely increase Burst Resistance of a given combo. 

The 2 Star specification on the Over Disk is deliberate as the main point of failure for a combo like this, and the Mobius Driver in general, is its potential to tip over prematurely. By aiming to get a Disk with a more evenly distributed weight (denoted by Disk star value), we reduce the likelihood of tipping compared to a more uneven 1 Star Over Disk.

Finally it should be noted that the more worn down your Astral Blade is, through the course of natural play over time, the better it will fare in opposite-spin matchups as many of its once-sharper contact points will have rounded down making the Blade more passive and consistent. This is especially true for its right spin orientation.

Among the top four Beyblades on this list, although the ordering and variants were often different among the lists submitted by each representative asked, there was much less consensus overall when it came to this fifth and final spot. This made it the most difficult one to pick.

In the end, we chose Astral Spriggan 2 Over Mobius-0 for the overall versatility it offers against top tier opponents, especially in the 5G Match Type with spin direction changes permitted. If you’re in the opposite spin direction of your opponent, there is arguably nothing this combo doesn’t have a chance to win or tie against.

  1. Opposite-Spin Stamina: The Mobius Driver paired with the dual-spin nature of Astral Spriggan make for a surprisingly good team. While all the parts may seem haphazardly put together given their age and lack of relevance in the meta, they provide nearly unrivaled endurance in opposite-spin, tying or beating out even the most consistent of modern DB/BU Combos.
  2. Dual Spin Ability: As mentioned the Blade and DB Core were chosen to provide the potential for any matchup being opposite spin, and while this is often format dependent, the ability to make every matchup “its niche” while being composed of overlooked parts make it incredibly powerful. In 5G or Deck Format a dual-spin opposite-spin threat like this should be taken very seriously. If we are being picky however, left-spin was actually slightly stronger than right-spin overall in our testing against stamina types. Especially against opponents such as #3 on this list below.
  3. Highly Aggressive: While in opposite-spin matches you’ll often be launching quite weakly, the Mobius Driver can be launched hard and stall around the stadium ridge when launched with some strength. This is incredibly useful against Attack type opponents, as you can knock them out or knock them out of a precise and dangerous pattern.
  1. Same-Spin Stamina: Live by the Mobius Driver, die by the Mobius Driver. This Driver is under a majority of circumstances simply not able to keep up in same-spin matchups. It specializes in being highly free-spinning and not being knocked over easily, not in having the highest raw endurance or solo-spin times. It is also far too unwieldy when launched hard to be used in same-spin matchups (with the exception being against other similarly frantic Drivers). While much of the meta is right-spinning by default this doesn’t mean you won’t ever come across a left-spinning Beyblade. In those instances, if you’re locked to a single spin (generally left for its matchup spread) you may face a nearly unwinnable match.
  2. Skilled Attack Type Users: While in our previous point we mentioned that Astral Spriggan 2 Over Mobius-0 can be quite a nuisance to Attack types, it is far from a safe bet. Because it lacks a dash spring, any burst lock gimmick and uses a recoil-laden Blade, staring down an Attack type is a scary proposition despite options existing for Astral to make it harder on them.
  3. Mobius’ Discretion: As excellent as the Mobius Driver is in opposite-spin scenarios it can also sometimes be a bit finicky and seemingly act on its own accord. While in general this combo is capable of impressive battles in large part due to Mobius, rarely it is hit in an unlucky way right at the end where it may tip over and stop spinning a fraction of a second earlier than it should. Your mileage may also vary depending on how worn down or “awoken” the tip of your Mobius is as well as how free-spinning or passively it moves. Not for the faint of heart.

Best Beyblade Burst Combo #4: Xiphoid Xcalibur Spread’ Xtreme’-1

This is a highly aggressive right-spinning Attack type Beyblade that can deal incredibly powerful blows …

The Parts

  • BU Blade: Xiphoid
  • DB Core: Xcalibur
  • DB Disk: Spread’ (2 Stars)
  • Driver: Xtreme’
  • Armor:

What are Xiphoid Xcalibur Spread’ Xtreme’-1’s strengths and weaknesses?

In our number four spot is the ever-sharp Xiphoid Xcalibur Spread’ Xtreme’-1! This is a highly aggressive right-spinning Attack type Beyblade that can deal incredibly powerful blows early on in the match to secure victory.

Xiphoid Blade is paired with the Xcalibur DB Core and 1 Armor not for aesthetic reasons but because the DB Core itself is among the heaviest in DB/BU and both the Core and Armor align well with Xiphoid due to their shared weight distribution gimmick.

The Spread Dash Disk is meant to provide a noticeable increase in speed without sacrificing an incredible Disk like Illegal, and the Xtreme Dash Driver is used over other rubber-based Driver options because it too increases the speed of Xiphoid Xcalibur relatively speaking.

Xiphoid Xcalibur Spread’ Xtreme’-1 makes a good claim for being one of the most aggressive and powerful Attack type Burst Beyblades, and a top tier choice for those looking to Burst or Knock-Out opponents with ease.

  1. Incredible Raw Smash Attack: The protruding Blade on Xiphoid is more than just for show, providing nearly unrivaled Smash Attack that, when in contact with nearly anything, will be sure to send it flying. In the right hands it doesn’t have very many difficult matchups at all.
  2. Excellent in Attack vs. Attack Scenarios: Because of its massive Smash Attack, hefty weight, and passable weight distribution, Xiphoid Xcalibur Spread’ Xtreme’-1 makes for a fearsome opponent even if you are using an Attack type of your own. It has the potential to secure KOs, Bursts, or outspins on its peers.
  3. Brings Bursting Back: Against same-spin opponents no part of the stadium is safe once Xiphoid appears. The immense power it has makes it so same-spin Stamina types have more to fear than pockets again. Xiphoid can hit with such intensity that even increased Burst Resistance gimmicks are not always enough to keep its opponents in one piece.
  1. High Risk, High Reward: Despite all of its incredible qualities, Xiphoid Xcalibur Spread’ Xtreme’-1 is very much a risky choice for the uninitiated. The speed and power required when launching to wield it to its full potential make self-KOs or complete misses a common occurrence. Regardless of how strong Xiphoid hits, you need to actually touch your opponent.
  2. Can Struggle With Vanish Blade: While not quite as popular in recent times, the Vanish Blade is a decent answer to Xiphoid Blade, as it is both opposite spin and well-cushioned for impacts (being made almost entirely of rubber). While it isn’t a get out of jail free card, not every Xiphoid user will be prepared for the precision required to adequately deal with Vanish.
  3. Contact Point Wears Down: This is not a very common problem in recent times, at least when it comes to Blades and Layers, but Xiphoid is a rare exception. The primary contact point is its large sword tip, and through normal use it wears down shockingly fast. As it wears down it becomes noticeably less potent, unable to deal decisive blows as frequently or as well. 

How to build XpXC.Sp’.X’-1

Xiphoid BU Blade (1 of the following):
Xcalibur DB Core (1 of the following):
1 Armor (1 of the following): 
Spread’ Disc
Xtreme’ Driver (1 of the following):

Best Beyblade Burst Combo #3: World Diabolos Over Metal Drift 1S

…dual-spin properties and incredible consistency in either spin orientation make the World Ring a timeless threat in opposite-spin settings.

The Parts

  • Ring: World
  • Sparking Chip: Diabolos
  • DB Disk: Over (1 Star)
  • Driver: Metal Drift
  • Chassis: 1-Stamina

What are World Diabolos Over Metal Drift 1S’ strengths and weaknesses?

As if foreshadowing what was to come years later, our Top 5 Best Beyblade Burst Combos of 2021 list also featured a World Drift variant in fourth spot!

Here we have World Diabolos Over Metal Drift 1S in a close third. There are some key changes to bring it up to speed in the DB/BU era, but the premise is much the same.

Despite being in an entirely different weight class this time around, the dual-spin properties and incredible consistency in either spin orientation make the World Ring a timeless threat in opposite-spin settings. Now equipped with a heavy Over Disk and Metal Drift Driver to compensate for age, World is a menace. 

The 1 Star distinction in this combo is also deliberate, although completely optional. Instead of looking for a Disk that is closer to perfectly balanced to make up for Driver weakness, the Metal Drift Driver’s height and stability make tipping unlikely. Using a Disk that may lean to one side on a Drift Driver may make for more last second shifts of weight compared to one that is more evenly distributed.

Since World Diabolos Over Metal Drift 1S is prone to last-second knee-jerk movements that can secure incredible wins, it is important to see which of your Over Disks may play into that strength as much as possible.

Similar to our number 5 pick just with added consistency, there is virtually nothing that compares to World Diabolos Over Metal Drift 1S when in opposite-spin, and it can ensure it gets the right direction matchup.

  1. Opposite-Spin Stamina: As mentioned, the World Ring and the Metal Drift Driver are essentially unparalleled in their niche as a dual-spin opposite-spin threat. Bolstered by a close-to-the-ground Over Disk, tumbling over at the last second is not an option. This combo only has one mode: move. It will relentlessly spin, to the point where there isn’t really a combo out there that can reasonably outlast it when in opposite. At best, current DB/BU top tier options can generally manage to draw with World Metal Drift.
  2. Dual Spin Functionality: As mentioned before, being able to switch spin directions is not always possible (match type dependent), but in the cases where it is enabled, World Metal Drift has nothing to worry about and can match any opponent. Normally players will default to left-spin, and that is usually “good enough”, allowing for niche Sparking Chip picks, but it isn’t always necessary nor the only fate for World Metal Drift.
  1. Easily Bullied: This combo’s age is shown not only on the calendar but also the scale – it is terribly light compared to its top tier DB/BU peers. This makes it very easy to knock-out, especially for top tier Attack types that can make this combo look like a pushover even at low RPM. While Over and Metal Drift exist to try and mediate this issue, World Diabolos Over Metal Drift 1S is definitely punching above its weight and can be called out for it.
  2. Same-Spin Stamina: In the event you cannot change spin directions or are locked into a same-spin duel, there is essentially no hope. The weight discrepancy compared to DB/BU, sizable same-spin Driver roster, and innate weakness of the Metal Drift Driver make it nigh impossible for any variation of World Drift to compete. To make matters worse, the combo is light enough that Metal Drift will often stall itself to death on the stadium ridge if not launched with gentle hands.

How to build WSp.Ov.MDr 1S

World Ring (1 of the following):
Diabolos Sparking Chip (1 of the following):
Over Disk (1 of the following):
Metal Drift Driver:
1S Chassis (1 of the following):

Best Beyblade Burst Combo #2: Dynamite (F Gear) Lucifer Illegal Bearing Drift-3

…almost unrivaled same-spin endurance, exceptional opposite-spin capabilities, ease of use. There is very little a combo like this doesn’t provide.

The Parts

  • Blade: Dynamite 
  • Evolution Gear: F Gear
  • DB Core: Lucifer
  • DB Disk: Illegal (4 Stars)
  • Driver: Bearing Drift
  • Armor: 3

What are Dynamite (F Gear) Lucifer Illegal Bearing Drift-3’s strengths and weaknesses?

Nearing the top the weaknesses continue to minimize while the strengths only become more apparent.

Dynamite (F Gear) Lucifer Illegal Bearing Drift-3 is one combo that seems to be almost as invincible as they come – almost unrivaled same-spin endurance, exceptional opposite-spin capabilities, ease of use. There is very little a combo like this doesn’t provide.

Dynamite (F Gear) has been an absolute staple since the beginning of the DB series, and for good reason: it is very well proportioned, weighty, and low-recoil. While the other Evolution Gear Accessories may have seen a mixed reception or were outright incompatible, F Gear delivered early. 

In tandem with the Illegal Disk and Bearing Drift Driver you have a versatile combo that can handle essentially any opponent without hesitation. 

The Illegal Disk is chosen not only because of its excellent endurance, rivaling the Over Disk, but also because it has a slightly smoother underside that, when Bearing Drift Driver is tipped, produces less friction with the stadium floor. Illegal Disk’s shape overall makes it a very consistent pick regardless of combo function.

The 4 Star recommendation is in place as this is the most evenly distributed Illegal Disk mold, reducing the chance that Bearing Drift Driver may tip over and remain tipped over for longer periods of time. In general this amounts to a negligible interaction, but against taller Drivers like Bearing Mobius Driver it can make this combo more vulnerable than it could be otherwise.

The Bearing Drift Driver has been on the minds of competitive players since its announcement, and for good reason: it takes the same-spin potential of Bearing Driver and the opposite of Drift Driver and meets in the middle for a jack-of-all-trades that dares to master both.

  1. Multi-Spin Stamina: Thanks to the incredible pairing of Dynamite Blade (F Gear) and Bearing Drift Driver you get the best of both worlds without much compromise: a combo that can tackle opponents of both spin directions and have an honest shot of winning regardless of Driver choice. 
  2. Easy To Use: Not only is it a threat to specialist and generalist combos alike, Dynamite (F Gear) Lucifer Illegal Bearing Drift-3 is also painfully simple to use well. There aren’t any tricky launches, tuning, or prayer necessary to make this combo reach its full potential. It is always going full force on all cylinders, just launch and let it do the work.
  1. Skilled Attack Type Users: If there is just one issue this combo has is that it still has the gall to allow itself to be knocked out. The Bearing Drift Driver, for all its earned infamy, is a pushover against Attack types. As painfully simple as this combo is to pilot, it is just as easy to defeat with a rubber-based Attack type. Many attack types not even on this list are capable of knocking it out with relative ease, so running into an opposing Blader with a penchant for speed makes for a nearly helpless Dynamite. One option to potentially remedy this slightly is to instead use the exceedingly rare (and expensive) Metal Bearing Drift Driver. We do not have one to confirm and those that do haven’t reported it makes a significant difference, but because it is a heavier version of the Bearing Drift Driver, it should in theory have slightly better KO resistance.

How to build D(F)LC.Il.BDr-3

Dynamite Blade (1 of the following):
F Gear (1 of the following):
Lucifer DB Core:
3 Armor (1 of the following):
Illegal Disk (1 of the following):
Bearing Drift Driver:

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Best Beyblade Burst Combo #1: Guilty Longinus Illegal Quick’-0

…can knock-out most any Beyblade at almost any point in the game – even as it is about to stop spinning.

The Parts

  • Blade: Guilty
  • DB Core: Longinus
  • DB Disk: Illegal (4 Stars)
  • Driver: Quick’ (From B-00 L∀.Pr.Qc’)
  • Armor:

What are Guilty Longinus Illegal Quick’-0’s strengths and weaknesses?

For veterans familiar with the previous two editions of the “Top 5 Best Beyblade Burst Combos”, then it will likely come as no surprise to see that Longinus has continued its supremacy.

For almost all of the same reasons why Zwei Diabolos Sting Jolt’ was the best Beyblade Burst combo of 2020 and Rage Helios 2 Xtreme’ 3A was the best of 2021, Guilty Longinus Illegal Quick’-0 has become the best Beyblade Burst combo ever.

While variations of the combo exist and all work to a similar degree of effectiveness, this version is the most well-rounded possible, increasing Guilty’s ability against other Attack types without sacrificing anywhere else. 

Illegal is chosen over the common Fortress Disk for even more increased speed, better Life After Death (ability to continue spinning while tipped over), and at no cost to weight. 

The Quick Dash Driver (in particular the Lord Achilles version) is used because it has similar enough speed to the Xtreme Dash Driver with a huge bump in endurance, for those contested Attack vs. Attack matchups that go to out-spin. 

Finally the 0 Armor is used for slightly better weight distribution over the likes of the commonly used 2 Armor, which is again another Attack vs. Attack matchup optimization ensuring the highest chance of out-spin if no knock-outs are netted (note: although still a fine choice, we mistakenly used the 2 Armor in the pictures above, sorry about that!).

There really isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said about the Guilty Blade since we reviewed it upon release. The situation has not changed: it is the hands-down best Attack type Beyblade Burst Blade available.

  1. Feels Unbeatable In Skilled Hands: The Guilty matchup spread is unmatched; you can beat almost anything. And the technical skill required to wield it consistently and effectively over time is high. It took over 15 releases after Guilty was released to finally get a part which could help to create a combination that could reliably counter it regardless of user skill (the Barricade BU Blade from B-206 when combined with the Zeal Driver from B-203). But that combination is highly specialized and you are unlikely to see it outside of high-level play among players who are familiar with each other.
  2. Relatively Easy To Use: An uncommon occurrence among Attack types is one where a combo is so impressive and powerful that even the unskilled can wield it without too much to worry about. Guilty Longinus Illegal Quick’-0 can knock-out most any Beyblade at almost any point in the game – even as it is about to stop spinning. If you completely miss your launch and only make contact deep into the battle, hope is not lost!
  3. Holds Its Own vs. Other Attack Types: Often enough highly potent Attack parts find themselves very vulnerable to less aggressive but similarly effective alternatives. These highly potent parts are more likely to have their strong design used against them in Attack vs. Attack circumstances and either be knocked out or out-spun with some consistency. Guilty Blade lacks such a weakness despite being the hyper-aggressive Blade that it is. It can go toe-to-toe with any possible Attack type and have an equal if not better shot at victory under any win condition.
  1. Requires Some Luck: Odd as it is to say, and as potent as Guilty Longinus Illegal Quick’-0 is, if you fail to knock the opponent into the pocket and instead have successive wall hits (through no fault of your own), you will more than likely lose. Guilty’s win condition against Stamina oriented combos of the opposite spin will usually be a knock-out. On a highly aggressive Driver such as Quick’ or Xtreme’, the likelihood you can squeak out a sneaky outspin is next to zero. Guilty Longinus Illegal Quick’-0 leans very much into an all-or-nothing style of play and luck inevitably plays a role.

How to build GLN.Il.Qc’-0

Guilty Blade (1 of the following):
Longinus DB Core (1 of the following):
0 Armor (1 of of the following):
Illegal Disk (1 of the following):
Quick’ Driver (1 of the following):

The Legacy of Beyblade Burst

The longest Beyblade series ever

Beyblade Burst first launched on July 18, 2015. The final release by Takara-Tomy came in February 2023 with the B-00 Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2023 V2 Set. With a total run of seven and a half years, the series now holds the distinction as the longest series in Beyblade history, surpassing both Bakuten Shoot Beyblade and Metal Fight Beyblade.

With such a long history, what qualifies to be part of the “top 5 best Beyblade Burst combos” list has shifted immensely over the years. In previous articles, we traced the history of the Beyblade Burst metagame from 2015-2018 as well as from 2019-2021 to demonstrate this.

Looking back on this and reviewing the list compiled here representing the “best Beyblade Burst combos ever”, we wonder what the legacy of Beyblade Burst’s competitive scene will be moving forward and how it will affect the development of the next Beyblade series.

2021-2022: Continued focus on powerful stamina Drivers and non-traditional stadium designs

The end of Beyblade Burst’s lifespan from the second half of 2021 through to the end of 2022 was undoubtedly most prominently affected by the continued release of highly powerful stamina Drivers like the Bearing Dash Driver, High Xtend Plus Dash Driver, Bearing Drift Driver, and Bearing Mobius Driver.

Bearing Drift Driver

The Beystadium DB Standard Type–and the Dash BeyStadium, which we reviewed here–too clearly became the focus for Takara-Tomy upon its release and similar to Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G, affected part design moving forward.

Evolution of competitive Beyblade gameplay

It’s clear at this point given this and Takara-Tomy’s involvement with Hasbro’s development of Beyblade Burst (and its associated unconventional stadium gimmicks and designs) that–for better or worse–they will continue to push the gameplay envelope moving forward.

We’ve seen this trend mirrored in a different way within the Beyblade community too. Whether using ‘traditional’ stadiums or not, more and more tournaments using unique rulesets or stadiums have started to be hosted over the past few years on places like

The definition of what falls into the category of “competitive Beyblade” will continue to expand. And players will continue to be challenged and challenge themselves to find ways to excel.

The Burst BeyStadium Standard Type metagame

Thankfully–although probably a result of pure luck–the place they’ve left the metagame for the more traditional gameplay offered by the Beyblade Burst BeyStadium Standard Type is relatively balanced.

Despite all of the power given to stamina types over these past few years which diminished the attack dominance that emerged in 2019, attack types using Blades such as Guilty and Xiphoid are still strong enough to compete favourably with the strongest stamina types.

Diagram on the B-174 Beyblade Limit Break DX Set demonstrating the size difference between the Dash BeyStadium and Burst BeyStadium Standard Type

In fact, one might be able to argue that although the power of attack types now is relatively speaking weaker than the era where Layer Bases like Zwei and Judgment dominated, it is actually better for the metagame to be this way in order to avoid the problem of too much attack being used.

Where we stand now, the big picture is clear. We generally know what’s good and what’s bad. That’s how we could make this list. But there is much nuance still to be found and appreciated among specific interactions between different parts.

So, for hardcore players, this is not the end. It’s the beginning of a quest to more fully understand this enormous gift–Beyblade Burst–that has been bestowed on us over these past seven years.

What do you think are the best Beyblade Burst combos ever? Comment below!

As you will find out in the next part of this series, personal preference and experience can also play a huge role in determining what an individual player feels are the “best” Beyblade Burst combos.

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4 thoughts on “Dominate Your Local Tournaments: Discover the Top 5 Best Beyblade Burst Combos Ever (Hand-Picked by Tournament-Winning Experts Worldwide)

  1. I was sorprised for dont find Bearing driver or HXtend+’ on any combo off the top, but later finish the blog, I have a new focus for try-outs before tournaments on Panamá. Btw this travel It was very funny and interesting!

  2. Nice to see Spriggan making it on here despite the fact that it’s overshadowed by a few better (but rarer) options, as Spriggan is my favorite bey, and my very first bey too! One thing I will say, I personally prefer Burst over Astral since it can take and dish out stamina-draining hits better without dying itself, I also prefer 4 and Fortress over 0 and Illegal on Guilty, and I prefer Wind over Dyna+F because of the ability Wind has to take wins off of Vanish compared to Dyna+F, but it does get slapped harder by a stamina Burst, also, a god alternative in my opinion to World Diabolos here is Astral Achilles Over Metal Drift-0
    Also, my own personal top 5 would look like this (no repeating parts)
    Burst Spriggan2 Over Mobius-0
    Xiphoid Xcalibur Spread’ Xtreme’-9
    Astral Achilles Giga Metal Drift-2
    Wind Lucifer Illegal Bearing Drift-3
    Guilty Longinus Fortress Quick’-4
    Thank you for taking the time to read and review this comment, Kei! And thank you for closing out the Burst gen strong with a Top 5 Article.

  3. Sorry, but the WBO format ruins the fun of the game and severely limits the chance for a more diverse meta possible. As an engineer with kids, and fellow adult friends with backgrounds in science and physics (from Stanford, MIT, etc.) we started playing by following the original WBBA 5G style here, in California. It was enjoyable with its variety and exciting matchups and wins. Then we heard about this “WBO” being run by young players out of Canada. So we gave it a try….. We tried WBO “Decks” and after a few tournaments, people were bored out of their minds seeing the same few parts over and over…. And as new players learned about Beyblade, they basically commented how it was foolish to buy anything other than the few “meta” parts according to the WBO.

    Now, we run our own version of WBBA using point-based battles in tournaments where premade combos are the crux of your strategy, since we do allow mode changes and counterpicking, but NO parts switching. That being said, we are planning to launch our own organization that allows players to try out all kinds of unique combos, and buy ALL beyblades/parts, and focus their strategies on diverse combos, launching, aiming, and counter-picking. We also ONLY use the Dynamite Battle Standard Beystadium. To use anything smaller is foolish for a myriad of reasons. And to the surprise of many, Attack and Attack-Balance types are on par if not better than stamina and defense. Made us wonder if WBO players actually know how to use attack-types. It seems all WBO players ever do is slap a layer on Xtreme’ and call it a day, but I digress. All in all, our meta is completely balanced and sees nearly every single part used in a competitive combo. We hope you guys expand your rules and open up Beyblade Burst DB for more players. There’s too much potential you guys have squandered with “Deck” rules and the old B-33 stadium…. but good luck!

    1. Hey there! Thank you so much for sharing your perspective. I appreciate your candidness. It sounds like you have a great community around you, which I’m happy to hear. It’s great to hear perspectives from people like you who are making the effort to create real connections and experiences with Beyblade for people in your community.

      One thing which I’ve learned after playing Beyblade competitively for the past 20 years across Canada, the US, and Japan is that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to play it.

      What matters is what you, or your local community enjoys. That being said, you’ll be happy to know that the WBO is actually now very much open to a broad range of play styles and stadiums, including rules very similar to or the same as the WBBA.

      The effectiveness or value of each Beyblade match type (such as WBO Deck), tournament format, and stadium requires individual consideration for their unique qualities. Understanding how all of those factors can mix and influence each other to produce different gameplay is also important.

      Let’s take your example:

      1. Tournament Format: Burst
      2. Bans: None (I assume)
      3. Stadium: B-33
      4. Match Type: WBO Deck.

      This is one very specific gameplay scenario of many. Every time you modify one of these elements (among others), it will produce different results. Some of which one group may like and another may not.

      I would actually tend to agree with you that if we look at this scenario, WBO Deck is not my favourite match type to play it with either. 5G is my preference due to the variety it forces in a parts pool filled with immensely powerful stamina pieces.

      However, this doesn’t invalidate using WBO Deck for players who want the style of play that it produces. WBO Deck infuses player agency over what matchups are played and counter-picking as a central tenet of its design, something which no other match type does. Some players like this.

      Ultimately, my opinion of which match type is ‘best’ would also change depending on the tournament format or stadium being used. If we’re talking Burst Classic, Burst GT, Metal Fight, Metal Fight Limited, HMS, Plastics, and so on … I have to think about all of them individually because the nature of the metagame within each is different. WBO Deck would definitely be my favourite in let’s say, Metal Fight Limited in the BB-10, for example.

      In any case, what matters is that you’ve found something in your community that you enjoy. We’re all playing this game to have fun and enjoy our time with others in whatever way attracts us the most.

      The WBO’s central vision statement is to help people “Play Beyblade, Together”. This is where the sentiment behind a lot of what I just said comes from.

      Whether you decide to continue building your own community independently, or decide to join the WBO and be part of the global, open community we’re trying to build or not, I wish you all the best!

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